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Buying Commercial Parts For Your Food Service Business

You may never realize how important the small parts and components found on your commercial equipment are until they break or malfunction. It is only then that you realize that these small parts play an important role in your everyday function and success. When time is of the essence in finding high-quality and compatible parts […]

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5 Tips For Finding Metalizing Services

Metalizing services are used in everything from product packaging to industrial processing. But what if you’ve never outsourced your metalizing before? How can you be sure you’re entrusting your goods to the right company? Here are just a few tips for finding a good metalizing service.

1. Look Outside Your Neighborhood

While it’s always more convenient to take advantage of local services rather than sending your products long-distance, don’t discount a great metalizing company that just so happens to be outside your city. If you email them and ask about special accommodations, they’ll probably be more than willing to arrange something with you.

2. Know What You Need

Are you looking to cut, color or coat your products? How fast do you need them completed? What about things like weight restrictions? It’s important to have all the facts in hand before you go shopping around for a metalizing company. If you’re unsure about what you need as a consumer, you might wind up with something you don’t.

3. Count Your Dollars

Metalizing services can get expensive, so if you’re concerned about your budget, make sure you carefully plan your purchase in advance. You don’t want to go into debt because you weren’t able to resist a special metal finish! Bear in mind, too, that you might have to tack insurance or delivery fees onto your existing order price. So count every dollar and make them count.

4. Think About the Environment

If you like to live green, think about using PVD coatings for your products. The acronym stands for “physical vapor deposition,” and it’s one of the most affordable and eco-friendly coating methods around. Talk to a metalizing company to learn more about PVD coating.

5. Read Reviews and Testimonials

What do previous clients have to say about the metalizing company? Were they overcharged or undervalued? Were they generally satisfied with the level of service they received? Put particular stock in anyone who says “I’d never use this company again” or “I’ve already used this company again.” The loyalty of its customers says a lot about a brand.

These are just a few things to consider as you look for metalizing services. They can be one of the most important purchases you make for your business, so try not to cut corners. Spend whatever money is necessary to ensure that you get the services you need.

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5 Spa Services You Simply Have To Try

There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the spa to make your responsibilities feel miles away. If you’re only soaking in the hot tub, however, you’re missing out on some amazing treatments that can cleanse your body and rejuvenate your spirit. Here are just five spa services you’ll want to experience at least once!

1. Facials

They’re a classic spa treatment for a reason. Facials will cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate your skin far beyond what you usually do in the morning with a dollop of gel. Some salons will even throw in a therapeutic face and neck message while the facial does its work!

2. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is like exfoliation kicked up a notch. It involves tiny crystals that remove an entire layer of old, dead skin, leaving you fresh-faced and feeling ten years younger once your new skin has a chance to shine. Everyone should try a microdermabrasion treatment at least once, especially if they’re older.

3. Aromatherapy Baths

If you’ve never soaked in a warm bath while the gentle fragrances of lily and lavender wash over your skin, it’s definitely time to try an aromatherapy bath. Not only will it relax every muscle in your body, but the properties of certain scents are known to be healing physically and mentally.

4. Hot Stone Massage

If you thought a deep-tissue massage was great, wait until you feel this! In a hot stone massage, flat, heated rocks are placed along your body’s nerves and pressure points to relieve stress and release toxins. It’s an ancient art in the east, and now westerners have started to reap its benefits too.

5. Plant Peels and Wraps

Plant peels can help you with everything from dark spots to cellulite. If you indulge in places like the Aveda Salon Portland, you can even get manicures or soak your feet while the plants work their magic on your skin!

These are just five spa treatments that will transport you into another world. Sit back, kick up your feet and let all of your worries float away!

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