Being Rich Is Always Good

Well, not too much though. Otherwise, you would be the number one target of kidnappers all your life, right?

But just enough being rich is always good. I mean, you can get anything you want. You can also help others in need. Let me be clear again, you can get anything you want if you are rich. Yes, even love.


I am sure your eyebrow will be raised after reading that statement. Even if the girl does not want you at first but likes you for your money, in time that girl will eventually love you for real.

Being rich makes you famous too ha ha ha!

Just being averagely rich should make one’s life good. You won’t have problems if you get sick because you have the money to be cared for in the hospital unlike others who end up being broke because they sold all their properties and things just to pay the hospital fees. Sucks, right?

The next generation will be left with nothing because their folks were not able to leave something behind because all were used up with hospital charges.

In life, having too much is always not good. Just being a simple rich person will do.

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Super Yachts For The Rich

It pays to be rich right? Man, this new super yacht will be out in a few years. This yacht has been designed by an internationally renowned urban planning architect in a very unusual shape. Designed for 12 guests, the yacht looks like a sea creature with the front looking like the frontal part of a shark or killer whale. There is a second design, called Infinitas which is based on the figure of eight shape of an infinity loop. Now these are something!

I know I cannot ride this when it is out. Not in a lifetime ha ha. You wonder if the people behind this are effected by the ongoing recession As these super yachts will cost to almost or more than a $100 million. Here are some photos from CNN’s site. 3D Renderings by Tangram 3DS.


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