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Do You Know The Very Best Way To Shop For Health Products Online?

Are you up to date on your health? Do you know all of the best ways to keep tabs on it? When it comes to shopping for health products on the web, do you know the best way to go about it? These are all very serious questions that you should be asking yourself on […]

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Thinking About The Future

As people approach their golden years, there are many decisions that have to be about heath care and health care products. Seniors find themselves with many unsolicited telephone calls, door-to-door salespersons, and mail regarding which products and services are “guaranteed” to best meet their needs.

It’s often hard to distinguish between which products and services are good or legitimate, and which ones are scams from unscrupulous individuals or companies.

Health Insurance

When seniors need to make decisions about health insurance supplements or prescription drug plans, it’s best to not give any information over the phone during an unsolicited call. It’s virtually impossible to tell who is really calling you, despite what might show up on the caller ID.

The same goes for anyone who knocks on your door uninvited. It’s best to not even open the door if you don’t know who is there. There are good companies out there, and here are some good ways to find them:

Local senior center- many times these agencies will work directly with health insurance companies and invite them to come in for an information session or seminar.

Medicare- the Medicare toll free number or website has some excellent resources to help point you in the right direction for finding supplemental plans or prescription drug coverage.

State insurance information programs- most states have a senior health insurance information program that can help you weigh the pros and cons of each option you want to consider. Then, they can give you the number for the appropriate company and let you reach out to them directly.

Health Care Products

Knowing that many seniors need things like scooters and hearing aids, it’s not uncommon to receive the same unsolicited advertisements for multiple different companies. Again, it’s difficult to know which ones are a scam and which ones are legitimate.

The best thing to do in this situation is to ask a medical provider who they recommend, or go with a company you know that you can trust.

With hearing aids, for example, the price can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars for a single hearing aid. A dishonest salesperson can try to sell you a more expensive option than one you need, or a product that simply won’t work at all.

Some companies, however, have been around for decades and pride themselves on giving you the product and service you need, in an honest manner. Look at this video of Miracle Ear on youtube. They offer free hearing check-ups in their offices found all over the country.


While it can be frightening to know that there are so many health insurance and health product companies with insincere intentions, it’s also reassuring to know that there are just as many good quality companies that truly care about their customers. With careful attention, you can find one that will meet your needs.

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You Know You Are Getting Old When …

You know you are getting old when your health related issues spike. Take cholesterol or sugar level for example. It sucks when you are forced to control what you eat in case those levels spike.

And just last week, I found out my cholesterol level was at an all time high. Last year, it was pretty normal and I was surprised that it totally spiked all of a sudden when I had my annual physical checkup recently.

Because of this, I have now paid attention closely to what HDL, LDL and VDL are for. When this happens, people tend to be more conscious and more aware on the kind of food that they will eat.

Even my SGPT level is near borderline so I have to minimize the salt particularly junk food and drink more water. While I drink water and coffee (without sugar) all the time, I cannot figure out why my SGPT level spiked considering I do not eat junk food that often.

If you do not know what SGPT is, it is about the liver. To lower this level I think the best alternative is to drink lots of water and lessen salt intake like junk food.

There will always come a time where our determination is put to the test. It won’t hurt to eat a little. The important thing is to continue your drive to eat and drink as much as possible only the kind of food that are healthy.

Oh, and one more thing. Do not forget to exercise ;).

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