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Buying Commercial Parts For Your Food Service Business

You may never realize how important the small parts and components found on your commercial equipment are until they break or malfunction. It is only then that you realize that these small parts play an important role in your everyday function and success. When time is of the essence in finding high-quality and compatible parts […]

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Cholesterol Effect

cholesterolI recently found out my total cholesterol level was beyond the borderline of 200. My result was 238 which is already cause for alarm.

But because of that, I confirmed that the searing pain that I kept experiencing for more than a year is due to my high cholesterol, which my wife suspected later on.

I thought at first it was ordinary stiff neck but a stiff neck problem does not last a year or more so there had to be something else.

I was in a state of denial thinking it probably is just muscle stiffness that does not seem to go away since I exercise at least twice a week.

When my company annual medical examination was due I had to had myself checked out. The results finally confirmed what my wife suspected all along.

A good thing after that is I had been keeping a close watch on what I eat. No more junk foods and as much as possible stay away from salt and creamy stuff like ice cream or anything cheesy.

After a week, for some unknown reason the needle like pain on both sides of my neck has subsided. I know it won’t disappear in an instant but this is already good news and a relief that maybe, just maybe my cholesterol levels has subsided a little bit.

While it is totally impossible not to eat certain food because mostly any kind of food has some cholesterol in it, the best solution to combat it aside from watching what you eat closely is to exercise.

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Year 2014 Starts Now!

Well, I just got back and I will be reporting for work starting tomorrow so tomorrow will officially be the start of 2014 for me.

Unexpectedly, I had an unusual but fruitful vacation. The company I work with changed its policy to not convert our unused vacation leaves to cash. So I used that to my advantage and used all of them. Add to that with some lucky in-between national holidays in the country and I had a month long vacation away from work.

First time.

While I did not go home to my hometown for the holidays right away, 2 weeks there was very satisfying. I had some pretty good sleep even if I slept late at times. The important thing was to have at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

The cold weather also helped big time because it made me lazy so the urge to sleep kept me dozing off. And the fact that our dog did not bark during the early hours of the morning and the music of the nearby church did not blast its speakers to surging decibels, it gave me the opportunity to catch up on lost sleep dating to so many years.

Overall,  I have to say that was the best holiday vacation I ever had in my life so far. And boy, did I also pack some weight. Now that I am going back to work, I have to do some adjusting to make my body accustomed to jogging once again.

Losing weight is always hard to do and it is something that I will have to do once again now that my cheat season had ended. More jogging, moderate eating and work, work, work for my future!

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