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Music Business In US And China

At the same time as the Chinese market has been essential rather too many industries for a long time, the track international has been sluggish to take benefit of the wealth of possibilities afforded through the sector’s maximum populated kingdom. Many Chinese language agencies have been proactive, but there’s nevertheless masses of room for international […]

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Magic With Goldfish

Watch this video! Anybody who watches this will surely be curious as to how this magician made the goldfish swim in sync with each other. There is even another trick in the video where the painting of some goldfish suddenly went through the aquarium … alive. Just like in the movies.

Apparently, animal activists in China say the trick is abusive and asked the state broadcaster not to show the trick again.

What do you think of the video? Share your thoughts.

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I Ain’t Riding Trans Asia-China Ever Again

ship_iconI have had it! I ain’t riding a small boat ever again even though if it will be for an emergency. Who knows, I might end up dead once the boat reaches the pier because of heart attack. Trans Asia-China is a very small boat and it was the same boat I rode in last night going back to my hometown to visit my wife. The previous time was about two weeks ago.

And boy, did the voyage give me nightmares. I could barely sleep because the tourist section is placed near the front of the ship. So when the waves and the ship bang up on each other, I could hear the loud thuds and that gives me a huge phobia because I tend to get paranoid because of some ship disaster news I read before that the cargoes were not secured tightly. I kept thinking those thuds were cargoes themselves that got loose or something.

Worse, I do not know how to swim so that adds up to my anxiety. It was a good thing I brought with me my PSP last night so I got to waste 2 hours playing it and not think of my stress. But heck, no way. I ain’t riding any small ship any more.

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