Equitable … BDO … service still sucks

I have been a client of Equitable PCI Bank for more than 10 years now and I can only say one thing. Their service sucks. It’s a good thing with today’s internet technology that they have provided clients with ways to do transactions online. I started doing that when I got assigned to manila. Considering […]

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My story earning money online

Nowadays, when you talk about earning money online, the first thing that comes into your mind are ads. Famous ones like Google’s adSense are a hit among online people. I too for one just got into it. There are basically two ways to earn money from Google adSense. One is to have lots of page views on your site, meaning .. traffic. The other one’s hoping people would click on your ads. Though I don’t have much luck yet with adSense since I run just a personal site, I earn money online by other means. One of them is selling games. No one buys games but I just got lucky. It all started when someone emailed me if I am willing to sell my games to be used in their site. I didn’t realize there’d be something like this. That was the time when the net was booming (you can only guess when that actually was).

I actually sell the rights of my games to them, that includes the source code. When I had my first sale, I only had a few applets, just out of fun. They were only interested in the compiled applets and not the source code. So i can still resell it to other interested buyers. I decided then to make more of them to earn more. I found my next client and agreed to sell my source code to them since it was what thye wanted. I didn’t mind at all. Who buys games online right? But there they were, and I’ve been making more and more since, mostly card types. I stopped creating casino games as posting them on my site is banned by Google adSense. Here’s one game I did way back, a memory game. My client has bought mostly all of my games and I’ve saved way more money with this than working my ass off haha.

Post your portfolio in your personal website. Who knows, someone may be interested in your works. Even Google contacted me about a possible software development job in their company. I was very surprised. Though I declined for now since I have other important plans and goals, I will sure be keeping in touch with them once it’s time. Keep posting your works for everybody to see … and maybe, just maybe with a little luck, someone will be emailing you about a possible money earning project.

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My MacBook …

After more than 3 decades I finally got my own laptop haha. Better yet, it’s a MacBook! I had to look for a laptop that would be long lasting, fast and… “igat”. You know how Apple’s products are. They’ve been a hit since they launched iPod years ago. Even now, I still prefer a desktop over a laptop as it’s not a very handy tool for programmers to lay their hands on. But because I am living and working in another city, I had to prefer the laptop over the desktop. Im juz too lazy to get my stuffs if I transfer to another place to stay (which happened quite a lot before).

This was my very first time to use MacOS, its operating system. You surely will have a hard time if you’ve been a Windows User right from the start. There are still features in its operating system that suck and until now hasn’t been changed, e.g. file type sorting, max sized window doesn’t occupy the whole screen. Still, I’d say I’m very impressed with their graphics side. Viewing of pictures and videos is just awesome! You also notice most video and photographers use Mac to showcase their portfolio. It doesn’t mean that their work is not impressive. Mac just upgrades the awesomeness of their work 😉

The MacBook specs that I have is good for the long run. Running in an Intel Core-2 Duo and 2Gig of RAM, I’d say this can be good for even 4 more Windows OS versions (I still use Windows! haha). I’m not that much into how fast or big its RAM in my video graphics is card since I’m not into gaming (though I’m pretty much excited for Blizzard to release Starcraft2 and Diablo3), I usually just watch the video that the games have. Its built-in DVD Writer works great, Webcam’s very clear and Mic … until now I haven’t researched and checked where the mic is located! is pretty handy. The only thing I don’t like with MacBook is that the case gets dirty quickly. I didn’t expect it would be made in this type of material (don’t know what the case is made of, plastic?).

If you buy a laptop that’s Mac, it’s more than worth it. Apple’s got the technology… but what it has more that the other competitors don’t have… Style … *igat!*

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