What I think of the Naruto Shipuuden anime …

Ever since Naruto ended its series with fillers, people had been expecting action packed episodes with Naruto Shipuuden since the story now focuses on akatsuki. Instead, we’re given boring episodes that actually just total only 5 minutes worth of new scenes. It was a bit ok when it started.. but then it dragged on too […]

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A 3D animator’s dream

I’ve always wanted to be a 3d animator ever since I saw one of my best friends get a copy of 3D Studio for DOS (that’s right! I was still in the stone age). Before when online documentation, tutorials, tips & tricks were non existent, he had to grind it out by himself learning how the software works. No books, no readme files, nothing. I was very impressed when he made his very first animation.. a short starwars clip animating an Imperial Shuttle flying through space. Being a star wars fan, I got motivated to force myself to learn using 3D Studio (for DOS!) because I wanted to make my very own 3d wireframes of Star Wars ships.

It was pretty hard considering we never knew much about animating. I never knew what other softwares were for 3D animation. I only used 3D Studio because it was the only 3D software that was in the installer. I forgot the first animation that I did. I actually lost all copies of it because hard drives were very measly in storage capacity during that time. There was even no CD-Writer yet. I had to save all my files in my hard drive and eventually lost them when I sold my computer to someone else. I did manage to keep copies of my wireframes in a CD, when CD-Writers finally existed, but lost it cause my friend somehow lent it to someone else and forgot who it was who borrowed it. The only remnants of my 3D works are stand alone images that I rendered before for my website.

Nowadays there are lots of tools out there for 3D stuffs and they make your work much easier than before. I stopped with 3D when 3D Studio MAX came out because I was already focused with programming. I had hoped to land a 3D animation job before with ABS-CBN before but I guess I wasn’t destined to work there. The vice-president was out of the country when I went there for a supposed interview. When they contacted me back, I was back in my hometown and I decided not to go back to Manila anymore (heck! plane fares were and still are expensive!). It was supposedly a good opportunity because at that time, there weren’t that much 3D companies to work with and they were all in Manila only. Still, it was good to know the demo I passed to them was adapted into one of their abs commercial later on (even though no one knows that idea was in the first place mine! haha, you know, all 3 red/green/blue circle rotating in opposite directions, zooming out then in).

When I get to watch 3D movies like Pixar’s, I still imagine myself working in one of those companies, rendering 3D stuffs. I had hoped myself to become a 3D Animator but shifted to programming because of love (haha! long story). I’m still proud of myself that I was able to do these models … and in DOS, back when my CPU was still 486!

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Equitable … BDO … service still sucks

I have been a client of Equitable PCI Bank for more than 10 years now and I can only say one thing. Their service sucks. It’s a good thing with today’s internet technology that they have provided clients with ways to do transactions online. I started doing that when I got assigned to manila. Considering that my credit card is also Equitable, it was very convenient for me to just link up my account to my credit card account. That way, I could just pay all my charges online without having to line up in any of their banks. Problem with them, and I don’t know if this also happens to all branches, is that during lunch hour they only field in one teller to handle all customers. That would be alright if there are only few people around. But if there are so many, can you just imagine waiting for more than 1.5 hours just so your 15 second transaction will be done? That was the most that I’ve waited for my turn just so my 15 second transaction would be attended to. As with the internet nowadays, it’s easy to complain to their main branch by just emailing their customer service in their online transaction based website. They did get my email and the branch that I was complaining against offered an apology because of this and that.. whatever. No matter what excuse they gave, the rule still applies that you field in more than one teller. There should be a minimum of two tellers always. Pity those people whose transaction would take only a few seconds waiting a long time because people ahead of them have transactions that take even an hour. Those with big transactions should have their own line!!!

As we all know now, BDO has a large stake now with Equitable PCI hence they all converted to BDO. Clients should not be hassled in any way. Thing is, my account with one of the converted BDO branch hasn’t converted my account yet. And the nearest bank where I work does not accept deposits of accounts that are still Equitable. What kind of convenience are they offering to their clients?! Not all branches have been converted to BDO yet and do we, as clients, take the brunt of whatever hassle we get because of their transition? I got so pissed off today because I had to wait more than 40 minutes in line and I was still halfway lining up because there was only one teller. Then the guard told me credit card payments are accepted only their other area. I did not bother to wait because I might be late for work and my stupid boss will complain like a kindergarten teacher asking why the student was late… To think it’s a new bank, I expected their services would be way better. I have to pay my credit card charges through the counter. I still have no idea how I’ll be depositing money to my account because the branch is so far away. Equitable … BDO … it’s still the same… and hopeless…

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