Smokers who have no manners

People smoke. Live with it! But I just hate those who don’t give a damn where they puff out their smoke. Like when you are on the street walking and someone in front of you is smoking and puffs it out. If the wind goes to your direction, you exhale most of it. And we […]

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Transferring one of your blogs to the other

I had this dilemna just awhile back. I made another blog in another account and this hassled me because I had to logout and login to my other account just to have access to my other blog. This action also affected my gmail and google adsense accounts as their login details are synchronized with the blogger account. Fortunately, transferring blogs from one account to another is easy.

1) First, you need to go to the dashboard and select which blog you want transferred.

2) Choose Settings, then Permissions

3) Click the ADD AUTHORS button

4) Input the email address that you wish to make an admin, then click INVITE button

5) Login to your other gmail account and accept the invitation email sent to you.

6) Back to your first login, under the permissions tab, choose GRANT ADMIN PRIVILEGES

7) Since your other account now has admin rights, log back in to blogger then remove the other account so that the blog is now fully transferred to your other blog account.

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Nanay’s Carenderia

I eat quite often here during weekends because it’s the nearest carenderia from where I live. It’s the carenderia besides Jasmine Pension House on Jasmin St., Capitol, Cebu. Funny thing happened to me today, and the first time it has happened to me. I ordered fried rice from the guy who was there to serve to customers. He actually gave me a lot but while he was placing the rice on to my plate, it was actually sort of in a slow motion kind of way as he wasn’t sure if the serving he was giving to me was enough or too much. Of course I just kept quiet because, hey, that’s already a blessing ha ha ha. He actually was going to give it to me when the owner suddenly intervened. Seems she was already checking out the amount of fried rice served to me. She took the plate back, dumped all the fried rice back to the tray and gave me a new serving.. only this time it was just a cup of it.

Whapack! In your face! haha… right in front of me… Was very insulting … Oh well … only in the Philippines as they say …

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