Make it Easy to Steer Clear Or Hazards In Your Side-By-Side

If you’re traveling the back forty in a side-by-side, then you know how much fun it is to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. However, the ride can be a bit bumpy at times, and it’s particularly rough if you’re driving over frozen or rocky terrain. The great news […]

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The Snowboard Community

Join the world’s largest riders community to learn tricks faster, track personal progress and find riders nearby. The Riders portal has an app for iOS, Android and Windows devices where you can find information and tips on various sports activities like snowboarding, bicycle, skateboard and many others.

And this is not just any community .The PROs are in it too!

Snowboarding may look easy visually. But the tricky part is once you start to be on the snowboard itself. You can start off with snowboard for beginners to get you started. I checked some snowboard tips in there and they are quite easy to understand. But yes, doing it in actual is different from just reading it. But the snowboard tricks there are pretty easy understandable and easy to apply. It takes a little practice to help get you used to it.

All tips found in the portal is considered a topic and you can see other community members chip in comments with their own tips based from their experiences which can help you gain more knowledge on the best ways to enjoy snowboarding.

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My Take On Pacquiao’s Opinion On Same Sex Marriage That Sparked An Uproar From The LGBT Community

Frankly, most of the time, I tend to stay mum in social media because that is what I usually do when certain issues come up that can spark uproars from other people or a community.

I do not react negatively against the source. I talk to my friends about it, exchange opinions about the topic and move on.

As with the case if Pacquiao’s recent comments based on his opinion about same sex marriage that sparked an uproar from the LGBT community when he called those who do it as worse than animals, it has become a nuisance seeing my Facebook’s feed filled with almost 95% of them.

So what is my take on this then? Sure, Pacquiao’s comments may somewhat lead some people to be angry, insulted or whatever negative description of emotional feeling they can come up with. But in reality, I cannot see why things like this become a big issue.

Try reading comments in Inquirer articles and the comments there are actually way harsher than what Pacquiao just said. So most of the comments posted there come from trolls. Regardless, even if one of the commenters used a real identity, I will still ignore any negative comment the user may post.

I admit, sometimes the comments can hurt when the comments in Inquirer articles seemingly diss Filipinos with very bad insults but that is about it. I ignore them and read the next comment.

I look at people who instigate negative comments as someone who need attention or KSP for short. Whenever somebody says something negative about others, people tend to want to get back at them by spreading their comments in social media. People should just ignore them.

Pacquiao was only asked what he thought about same sex marriage and when some people did not like what he said, they attack him in every bad way possible.

Get a life people! 😛

It was not like Pacquiao just said it out of the blue and try to get the ire of those who will be affected. It was his own darn opinion! And he was asked about it!

This is the problem in today’s society. When someone does not like one’s opinion about certain topics, they diss them good. I even read people’s reaction that they are happy when Nike ditched Pacquiao after his comments.

Hello, this is what companies do: to get in the good side of the people. So to the person who started a pitch to Nike to ditch Pacquiao, it was inevitable that that happened with or without that person’s initiative.

It was also funny reading celebrities’ comments that they would not vote for Pacquiao because of his comments. As if they would vote for him in the first place :P. Yeah, right!

If Pacquiao just blurted it out for no other reason, then that is a different story. In any scenario, you cannot win everybody’s approval. Despite what happened, I admire Pacquiao’s stance on the topic of same sex marriage. It was his own view, his own opinion and he stood by it.

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