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Searing Heatwave 2015

I know for a fact that this year’s summer is the hottest ever. Almost every night I sweat while asleep. I sure remember this never happened that often before. It only showed just how badly the weather is nowadays during summer. And it is still the early party of April. Even the airconditioner could not […]

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Christmas Weather 2014 Sucks

Man, it seems that the only time the weather gets cold during this month in the Philippines for the year 2014 is when there will be storms.

When Typhoon Ruby hit the Philippines, it was pretty cold in most of the country for 2 days. Other than that, the weather feels like hell considering this month should be a cold month.

Oh well, nothing anyone can do about it since it is what it is.

Today, there is currently a low pressure area brewing and the weather is okay but Christmas is almost nearing and the weather just plain sucks as it is.

Guess so many people are envious of Baguio at this time of the year. Theirs always is cold to the point that they get ice in some cases.

Heck, I love the cold. We can just wear something to keep us warm right? Unlike if the weather is hot. What? We cannot bring any aircondition with us. There is no such thing as a portable aircondition unit anyway.

So yeah, lucky Baguio people. Plus I bet some people would love wearing cold season apparel from time to time. It really looks cool ;). Last year was a memorable time until early this February when the cold weather lasted very long.

But I doubt I can expect the same thing this year.

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Wow, Where Are The Amihan-Led Winds In 2014?

It is nearing December 2014 and the weather feels like hell. Where are the darn amihan-led winds that people come to expect come end of the year?!? It usually hovers around November until late January or early February but now it feels so darn hot and humid even during the wee hours of the morning.

In the Philippines, Amihan refers to the season dominated by the trade winds which are experienced in as a cool northeast wind. It is characterized by moderate temperatures, little or no rainfall, and a prevailing wind from the east.

Even when there were storms that passed by the country, the weather was not that cold to me. And by cold, I mean the temperature would be the same as what airconditions put out.

It is finally December which means my lazy mood will kick in. The cold weather is really the culprit why I am lazy when Christmas nears.

However, seeing as it ain’t that cold which I expect it to be, it looks to be a pretty long and hot Holiday season for everyone in the Philippines.

Here is hoping that will change in the coming weeks and that the weather will be like how it used to be late last year until early February. That was the best cold weather I had ever experienced.

So I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that the weather will pick up in the coming days.

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