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The Ellen DeGeneres Show Is A Cool Show

This was a long time coming. I had always wanted to post about this show in my blog but I just kept on forgetting. This time, I made sure I got to write about it. So, what is the Ellen DeGeneres Show all about? It talks about anything! The program combines comedy, celebrity, musical guests […]

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Beware The Batman (TV – 2013) Review

bewarethebatmanYey! Finally a new exciting action packed cartoon TV series. And it is in 3D! It was sad that the Green Lantern 3D animated series came to an end.

It was somehow good but not really as good as how DC animated movie plots are. In Beware The Batman, the action looks better. Well, I am still in the first episode and it is a good one while watching it.

Batman here is young and so is Alfred. I guess he will be useful in some cases where Bruce will need help. They will be aided by a new character, a ninja warrior named Kitana against such well known Batman nemesis like The Joker and The Penguin.

The show has shown so much excitement and promise I actually was a bit sad to find out the next episode, 7th I think has not been scheduled yet.

But so far, I like what I saw. This should be a good cartoon TV series. Something that I have been yearning because good action type cartoon series have been scarce lately. Even the new Teen Titans Go just sucks in character design.

Making this Batman show in 3D all the more made it impressive.

Good job guys! Looking forward to the next episodes and hopefully more seasons.

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Avengers Assemble (2013)


After watching a few episodes since this started, I can say this cartoon series is okay. Comparable in drawing as DC but voice characters, plot and the way the toons are presented are not.

DC will always be the best in cartoons. And they are even catching up with live action too ;).

Still, it does not mean this series sucks. As I said, it is okay. Maybe it is because Disney owns Marvel now that they have to have that Disney vibe in every cartoon series shown on TV?

Anyway, at least there is also something new considering you do not get to watch action type cartoon series like this and the recent Young Justice as much because there are only a few of them like that.

The series reunites the Avengers after some breakup after Iron Man thought Captain America was killed by the Red Skull. Though they were able to save him, soon after he realizes that the Avengers must stay as is because the Red Skull has created his own team of villains.

I am sure there will be guestings of other Marvel characters. In terms of drawing compared to the previous Avengers series, this is better.

So far, the episodes have been good too. Here is hoping they will continue for many seasons to come.

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