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What A Vacation!

I can say that the last 3 days I had experience the rich’s lifestyle. 2 night accommodation from a plush resort, then a 1 night stay from one of Marco Polo’s hotels. It was a blast. Although the Crimson Hotel is not a good place to stay if there are more than 2 of you […]

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Boat Or Plane

Which is more safe to travel? By boat or by plane? I would say neither. At first I liked travelling by boat because I can just sleep the night and when I wake up, I will be home. Then again, these days the boats are very old to the point that they can be easily swayed by the waves.

I normally do not get sea sick but riding in a small boat, and an old one at that makes me sick. I used to like the boat because at least the probability of surviving in case of disasters is better than that with a plane which means instant death. However, if problems arise in the boat, it can lead to a slow and painful death.

Plus, I hate the fact that in tourist sections you get mixed up with people who snore which is very irritating. Kind of like how I want to punch their faces because I could not get a good sleep. My problem with the plane is turbulence and my fear of crashing which as I said earlier means instant death. Probability of surviving is zero.

But the plane does offer some benefits like quick flights.

Compared to before, I would pick travelling by plane nowadays rather than by boat. Now … if only those plane tickets are not that nastily expensive.

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Back From The Trip

As promised, I wrote a post today to inform my readers that I am finally back from Hongkong. It was a tiring week but full of fun. My soles hurt as we walked around Hongkong’s tourist attractions. If you are following my travel blog, expect to see more new posts regarding Hongkong.

This will probably be my last outside of the country adventure as I will be saving money starting now for our future house. I think I feel slim after the trip. Imagine eating breakfast food from either McDonalds or KFC. We only got to eat rice the day before we headed back to the Philippines.

The trip overall was very exciting. So many new places I went to but basically eating the same food over and over: McDonalds and KFC as both are near where we live. My wife and I did manage to eat rice the day before we headed back home.

Actually lacked sleep too since the flight was delayed by 2 hours and I did not get to try and sleep after that so even now while at work my eyes sometimes fall down until I realize that I dozed off.

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