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Every SIM CARD Has A Name. Try It.

I am not sure if this applies to all countries but did you know that every sim card has a name? Do the following steps to find out: 1st step : from your number take the last 3 numbers, ex : 09125487567, take “567” only. 2nd step: do this @*[567:0] 3rd step : remove the […]

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My First iMax Experience

My first iMax experience was actually good even if the movie was not what I wanted to watch with it. I wanted to watch Avatar the last airbender but the movie theater showed Inception while placing Avatar 3D in another cinema. Still, I was itching to watch an iMax movie when it recently opened about a week ago and I must say the experience was worth the money I paid for it.

Even though it was not i 3D, the sound vibrated beneath my chair. I was also in a pretty comfortable position because I could lay back a bit diagonally. The theater is small though so there were times wherein I had to close one of my eyes just to focus on the screen because I felt like it was going to be plastered in front of me.

Enough said. Overall, Inception was good. Pretty unique plot and story. Now … here is hoping I can watch iMax again in 3D … say Green Lantern or … Avengers?

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U.S. Nationwide Phone Lookup

Nationwide Phone Lookup is a great place to find people’s details by using their phone numbers using a method called reverse phone lookup. Basically, if you have your friend’s phone number but do not any details of his like address and the phone number is all you have got, use Nationwide Phone Lookup’s service to search for it. With this service, you can find a person’s information using any type of phone number, including cell phone numbers. Nationwide Phone Lookup has more entries in its database available than virtually any other service around, guaranteeing that what you are looking for, you will be given results. Try it.

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