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Why I Lost Respect With The PBA

The Philippine Basketball Association is the Philippine’s premiere basketball league in the country. I used to be a huge fan way back when the team I rooted for: Purefoods, boasted players like Alvin Patrimonio, Jerry Codinera, Glenn Capacio, Nelson Asaytono, Jojo Lastimosa and many others.

Yes, they are my favorite team until now and I watched their games all the time whenever I could back then. But after the Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA) kicked in, this was when I started to get disappointed with the PBA.

What used to be a full Filipino players league turned into a mixed nuts league where players with a tiny cell of Filipino gene get drafted and played. I saw this as a desperate move by the PBA because in a way they were threatened when the MBA league started.

Heck, even commentators ditched their old employers to the new ones. So the MBA flunked and the PBA continued flourishing but I still never liked the idea of seeing foreigners playing for the league even though they showcase themselves as part Filipino.

Hell, some turned out even bogus.

So anyway years passed and while I have only been disappointed with that move by the PBA, this year’s lowest blow was when Kia drafted worldwide boxing legend Manny Pacquiao.

I totally saw this as an insult to those other players who play way better than him. Hell, is Kia pretty desperate not to lose profits during their first few years and letting Pacquiao play would compensate the possible losses?

So it seems that nowadays it is possible to play in the PBA with sheer influence and star power rather than looking at a player’s skill and atheleticism. Pacquiao has atheleticism alright, but not in basketball.

This is why I see the PBA now as a joke. I pity those who lost the chance for a team slot in the PBA because Pacquiao took away that opportunity.

And hell, I even read that AMA Computers will draft Daniel Padilla in the PBL. Unbelievable!

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Will I Have The Sole To Run A 13k Run?

My sole has been hurting lately and I fear it might get worse. This will be my last fun run for now probably. I guess I will just go along with the 13k run considering that they have a finisher’s medal at the finish line.

I will just have to run slowly. I just hope it won’t inflame. Although it is a bit better now because I found out that not tying your shoes too tight can cause some discomfort on the foot sole. These days I have been tying them tight to keep my right sole from getting worse.

I also bought a reflex slipper and it actually makes it feel better. I do not feel any pain when I walk using it.

So it remains to be seen. For strenuous exercises like basketball, I will have to avoid that in the meantime till my sole heals. For now, I will go along with my fit-fil exercise counterparts since the exercises do not entail jumping and landing hard. Well, at least the jumping jack is mild.

It is coming up next Sunday so good luck to me. I might just have to walk it off if in case it is going to get worse. Ouch!

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