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No More Foursquare Check-In Spamming For Me

It did not take long but I decided to call it quits with regards to check-in spamming in FourSquare. That is just my term. I do not know if there is a technical term for that but I will use it for my post. Foursquare is fun. It lets you know where your connected friends […]

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Desi HotPoint

When it comes to desi, Desi HotPoint is the number one online community for the young and old. What started out as a simple curiosity to experiment with technologies like PHP and MySQL bloomed into an online community with the largest number of desi youth members.
You will definitely be comfortable using Desi HotPoint’s rich featured user interface interacting with other members and showing off your profile. Search for hot girls, college girls and friends with their easy to use search form with lots of options to filter out specifically the people you are looking for.

Share your opinion or discuss topics with other members in their forum. Find a date with someone you like. Desi HotPoint maintains every information and detail displayed to be valid as they enforce rules like photo evaluation before they get approved to ensure that information displayed by users is accurate and not fake.

If next time you would think of a perfect match, there is always someone to meet, mix and match at Desi HotPoint.

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