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Philippines Now Most Dangerous Place For Journalists

If you have been up to date with worldwide news, you surely would have already known what happened in the southern part of the Philippines a few days ago. Right, it was a massacre. And gruesome is what it was. I still cannot believe how the murderers were able to do that grisly act.

Because of what happened, the Philippines easily surpassed Iraq as the most dangerous place for journalists. While the country has been toying with vying for the top spot, the recent events finally made it number 1. It is said that the reason for the recent events was politically motivated. So true. If it were kidnappers, there would have been ransom demands and in this case there was none. They were murdered right away after being kidnapped.

Let us see what the Philippines government will do. Compared to other slaying in the past, this has got to be the worst in my opinion. The government has to do something about it. There have already been so much that happened this year. What with all the natural calamities and all that. The recent events made it worse and really, in my opinion 2009 is a bad year. I can only hope that this will get resolved soon. Else, there might not be a safe place in the Philippines anywhere.

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The Walk

the_walkAfter so many months, I finally had the chance to take a photo of the iconic symbol of I.T. Park in Cebu. There were not that many people around since it was a weekday so I was able to take the logo “The Walk” with not much people passing by and blocking the view.

The I.T Park is a big district area filled with buildings occupied by mostly I.T. companies and food establishments. At night, people flock to eat, drink or just idle around. There are bars, restaurants, cafes, bars, banks and so much more. You could say that aside from being an office district, I.T. Park can also be considered an entertainment area.

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