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Some Shots From My Photoshoot

As promised in my previous post, here are some photos from my first photoshoot. These are just thumbnail sizes just so you can see a small preview of the results. The bigger resolution sized files are in my gallery site. The experience was fun. I got to meet so many photographers considering it was my […]

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Busy With Digital Post Processing

adobepsThis week, I had been blessed so far for not being busy with work. I know next week I will be so in the meantime, I took advantage and savored this unbusy time by immersing myself in the world of digital post processing.

I felt that I had to try and learn the ropes in making my photos look better because … well … that is what majority of photographers do. I figure I’d join in on the bandwagon so I could also boast my photos to look better. Believe me, it ain’t that easy especially if you are not used to using Adobe Photoshop.

I really had no interest back then because I had no interest in photography in the first place. Call me a late bloomer. But hey, better late than never right? And the internet has even made it more comfortable for newbies like me to learn the intricacies of this great software application.

So I was able to post process some 4 photos as of today. This weekend, there will be like 4 more to go before I am ready to post my first collection of photos from my shoot last weekend. It was fun!

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My First Photoshoot

canoncamSo last weekend, I just had my first photoshoot with a group of young female models and a whole lot of fellow photographers. My first time actually. I decided I’d go and join the bandwagon seeing as I really need some spoon feeding with regards to photography. I kind of want to learn more about lightings and stuffs, just did not have the opportunities to do so.

So a lot of my friends say, why not my wife instead? She is/was after all a model. We both want to but I decided I need to learn firsthand about lighting stuffs because that is what I really need to be good at before I will decide to do a photo shoot with my wife anytime. Well, finally I joined my first photo shoot and it was kind of an awkward feeling at first because I really had no idea how to begin.

All I did was to be a spectator and observed what the other photographers would do. I did learn quite a bit during that experience. Heck, it even made me decide to have buy a flash stand and some umbrella diffuser plus triggers. That would make the lighting effects better.

No photos yet in this post because I still have to transfer the photos to my laptop and post process them. That is also another issue. I am an amateur when it comes to Photoshop. But I will post a few of them once I am done editing.

It was a good and fun experience. I got to meet many fellow photographers and some models too. Maybe after a few upcoming sessions, I will be ready to do a photo shoot of my wife.

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