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Sunburst In Ayala

Today, while we looked around for a good place to eat our lunch, we decided it would be at Sunburst in Ayala’s The Terraces. While we have had bad experience with their service near Cebu Doc (now defunct) and in SM Cebu, I thought maybe it would be different in Ayala’s branch since, well, you […]

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Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen

transformersIt has been a long time since I last watched a movie and I could not deny myself to having to watch Transformers 2, Revenge of the Fallen because even if I had not seen the movie prior to last night, I know that it is awfully good. The movie was good indeed … except for a few annoying scenes and characters. I will list them one by one.

  • I was disappointed with Devastator. I thought those construction trucks will become robots themselves then merge into him. Instead, they are just construction trucks that merged into one giant robot. So there are no Constructicons here, just Devastator. Oops … I forgot that that name was taken by the Decepticon tank in the first movie. So I guess in this movie, they are just called Constructicons. So maybe there is a reason for this. But I really wanted to see all of them in robot mode. (Explanation: Most of the decepticons were just protoform clones from Soundwave’s database, one did not even get an alternate form, he is still a protoform, the low energon as Starscream points out, is creating poor Decepticon forms. Devastator himself was probably just a bunch of protoforms merged from need and none were even fully formed separately).
  • An annoying U.S. official who thinks that the Autobots need to leave Earth because the threat has been compromised. This attitude is too common. There was really no need to give him a role in that movie. But I guess for wasting time’s sake and to increase movie longevity, they had to include him in that.
  • Around 10 minutes of worthless scenes. We do not need to see romance in this movie. The reason why Transformers was and is a hit is because of the robots. The advantages of a sequel is that we do not need to see any more introductions which is usually the case with pilot movies that take up a huge chunk of movie time.
  • Man, Megan Fox was pretty useless out there. All she did was run and pout her lips. Poster girl. But I cannot deny she is hot and beautiful. (Explanation: Sam is going to become weird later on in the sequels. This movie revealed that Optimus is the last Prime and the only way for a new Prime would be for a son and that is Sam, or the all-spark  instilled the life into a new one at the last minute was Sam)
  • 2 Useless tiny Autobots.
  • When the Decepticons made their move, a lot of them showed up, and in robot mode which is boring because I can barely understand how they look like. It would have been better if they switched to their disguise mode once in awhile while fighting.
  • Jetfire is an oldie and he pretty much expired in the end. I thought he and Optimus Prime would merge as one anytime just like in Transformers Energon (but I guess they did not follow that concept). And the only useful thing for that was the boosters so Prime could fly. Nothing much else. (Explanation: Jetfire dying was needed because two sparks cannot reside in one body easily except in vehicle mode. His parts were compatible to prime because of his knowledge.)

Those are my complaints in the movie. There were not much Autobot scenes here except Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime. The rest really focused on the Decepticons. Ravage was designed neatly, I love it. For the Autobots? I was really hoping to see Jet Fire in the end join them seeing as there might be a third movie if Michael Bay plans to add another movie to this awesome concept of more than meets the eye. Actually, he plans to make at least 5 so expect more robo action! Who knows, we may even see head masters and target masters in the sequels seeing as how humans are heavily involved in the movies.

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Why Can’t Dogs Lose Their Voice?

I went to sleep early last night, feeling the knock out not being able to sleep the past few days (if you’ve read my previous posts, you’d know the reasons). I got sick because of it so I decided to sleep early since, despite any noise out there I still would be able to sleep. I woke up at around 3am to pee and the 2nd house from us neighbor’s dog was already barking with a shrill tone. Not only that, the bark was loud because it echoed. I still was able to sleep because my head was still swirling inside. The next time I woke up was around 720am. There were around 3 dogs now barking, all with shrill tones. I’m not exaggerating how I described their barks. Add it with the fact our next door neighbor’s dog’s consistent bass-toned bark does it around 7+am every day, I wasn’t able to continue my sleep anymore. I wondered. Those freakin’ dogs kept barking straight for an hour (since I was awake during that time) with only a pause interval of a few seconds, then they barked again. Why can’t they lose their voice?!? There shouldn’t be any much difference between humans and dogs. Their vocal chords should have went haywire for doing that for long hours. Life is unfair. Even I lose my sleep because of those freakin’ dogs.

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