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Of All The Nights Not To Rain …

So of all the nights not to rain, it had to be last night. When I hoped that it would rain. Er … must rain actually. Last night was the feast in our community where I live. I wanted it to rain due to the fact that they hold street discos and it does not […]

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Strange Weather Indeed

Since the country had entered the La Niña period, what is true now may not be true in an hour or so for weather predictions. The weather is changing by the hour, it is a strange one indeed. While I have no problems with the cold weather, it can be a pain sometimes because people’s outdoor plans can be ruined, traffic gets worse and people just get stuck wherever they are when the rain starts pouring.

This is the second time I have experienced the La Niña phenomenon and compared to the first one, this one’s actually worse. I guess the added factor of global warming contributed to the many disasters that have been happening around the world.

But I guess the current situation is better compared to having typhoons and hurricanes. A little rain shower ain’t bad after all right?

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Thunder So Loud

Mother nature is really getting fiercer and fiercer. Last night, I felt the strongest thunder ever. While I am not afraid of it, I was surprised to have felt the earth tremble when the thunder sounded. It was something I never experienced before until last night so that caught my by surprise.

Then I thought to myself, things are a changing. Mother nature is different now that what she used to be. 2010 was a year full of storms, the most that I can recall and January 2011 has no good news either. This week, people are just going to hope for a miracle that the weather will make a sudden change in direction rather than be on course to pass by Cebu which will mean a gloomy day for photographers, participants and Catholic devotees alike.

I hope I won’t hear a thunder so loud as last night again anymore. I am not scared but the thought of hearing it somehow sends shivers all over my body as if it is about to bring destruction.

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