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Earn While Using Twitter

Hey, I just found a new way to earn money while you use Twitter. I am sure a lot of you know what Twitter is. So, this new way to earn is good because ads, when clicked can reach 5 cents or more depending on the kind of ad. It is up to you which […]

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St. Therese Church Donation

If you don’t know yet, St. Therese Church in Lahug is in the midst of a massive renovation construction. Half of it has been closed down while the other is open for mass celebrations. So any donations offered to them I’m sure they’ll be pretty happy with it. I usually hear their Sunday mass during the 7pm schedule and every time before the mass comes to a close, they always announce who had donated and how much. Nothing wrong with this right? True. But I don’t like how the announcer enumerates each one of the people who had donated. Whenever someone donated an overly huge amount of money, the announcer raises his voice when saying the name of the donor. If the next name offered a small amount, the tone goes back to something like listening someone talk who’s boring. If I donated a small amount, I’d be better off having myself as anonymous which, is what I would do even if I would offer a huge amount of money. That is the essence of donation. The church’s makeover is estimated to be at 43 million pesos. You can go to their office if you wish to donate.

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Money Exchangers In Cebu

I’m not going to explain what a money exchanger is but actually rate how the people who work there are (those that I called up). Lately I’ve been on a money exchanger inquiry spree asking how much they are selling their Singaporean Dollars. The fact that everything is soaring (hell who knows, even sex rates are going up for all we know), I have scoured the most famous money exchangers in Cebu that my friends had recommended to me. I finally got to purchase some SGD this afternoon so my search had ended and these are what I can say to the following people who work at the following money exchangers.

Drop-By Foreign Exchange – located in Fuente Osmena inside the entrance beside Shakeys. I remember quite well there are two girls who work there alternately. One was so-so, the other one was accommodating. Didn’t ask for her name though but she sounds a good employee, respects potential customers even through the phone (since I kept on calling them rather than going to their office to inquire).

Alco Money Exchanger – located near the Forever Living Office in Raintree Mall in Ramos. When I called them, it was ok. The female who answered helped me out with my inquiries

Pearl Money Exchanger – the girl who answered my call was polite and really accommodated me.

Alcor Money Exchanger – correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the female said Alco so when I called Alco (in Raintree Mall), they said it’s Alcor and they’re not the same. By far, this was the worst establishment in treating customers. This was how the conversation went … (in bisaya but I’ll translate it in english) …

Me: Hi, may I know what name this money exchanger is?

Assh*le old hag bitch: Why?!

Me: I’m going to buy some dollars!!! That’s why I want to know!!!

Assh*le old hag bitch: … kept quiet …

So that was how it went. The nerve of that old hag. She didn’t seem to want to tell me the name of the money exchanger she’s working in. She hiding something? Like they’re selling fake bills? 😛 That was one bad customer treating attitude she showed to me. Hey, I had to raise my voice too. I started with even a courteous voice and what did I get??? Like I was at fault or something.

AGPC Money Exchanger – there are two branches of these in Ayala Center Cebu. One is near the rotunda behind bo’s coffee shop and the other one is in the Entertainment Center. When I called them up, I found out their selling rate for the SGD (Singaporean Dollar) was 32.90 pesos. I asked again to confirm that if I arrived in the mall, would the rate change? The girl said no. So off I went. I had to even walk to the other BDO Branch across the mall because the ATM of the BDO in the mall’s vicinity was out of service (typical Equitable habit). Plus, I maxed out so I had to use another bank’s ATM to be able to get the remaining amount that I need to buy some SGD. When I got to the money changer, I was surprised when the girl gave me a different amount. It rose to 33.90!!! I got pissed when I saw the amount because it wasn’t what we talked about. I told her that she told me it was 32.90. Worse, she got upset that I blamed her for it and told me that her manager was wrong about it. Good Move there! This is money we’re talking about, there’s no room for mistakes. They totally conned me on this. The other girl who was actually tending to me was better because she just kept mum and didn’t act upset or anything. I had no choice but to purchase what’s worth of what I brought because I don’t want to bring my money outside worrying that some goon might rob me (simbako!).

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