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Music Business In US And China

At the same time as the Chinese market has been essential rather too many industries for a long time, the track international has been sluggish to take benefit of the wealth of possibilities afforded through the sector’s maximum populated kingdom. Many Chinese language agencies have been proactive, but there’s nevertheless masses of room for international […]

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My Top 3 Lazada Consumer Electronics

If you have not heard of Lazada, then you are behind times. I mean, sure. I bet you are already familiar with those other well known online shopping portals in the Philippines but Lazada has already been picking up steam.

Seen a commercial of it on TV? Bet you do.

I am no stranger to Lazada because I monitor from time to time if the items I am interested in have their prices drop. I tend to focus on consumer electronics since that is where my interest lie.

So, just to let you guys know which items I am interested in, here are my top 3 Lazada consumer electronics items:

1) XBox 360 4GB Kinect with Free Games.

Who does not want an XBox? True, it faces stiff competition from Sony’s Playstation 4 but from my point of view, XBox rules because of the Kinect! Microsoft totally nailed this technology where Nintendo jumpstarted it with the Wii, they took it a step further.

2) Samsung 40″ Full HD Smart LED TV

For the latest TVs nowadays, you have to go with LED. Aside from its energy saving features, today’s televisions come with so many features that take advantage of technology and the Internet. It’s like having a computer monitor screen in your living room. Only you’re facing a jumbotron!

3) Sony Playstation Vita

While not everyone always stays put at home, there will always be times where we want to play when we are out just to kill a little time, right? For handheld gaming, I go with Sony’s Playstation Vita this time. Beats Nintendo DS in every gaming experience.

These are my top 3 consumer electronics in Lazada. Try to check out that section in their website and you will find out there is more good quality products available in there than what I had just mentioned.

Check it out the Lazada PH portal!

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Check EaseUS Data Recovery To Recover Your Lost Files

You know how it is, accidentally deleting something in your PC and never having the chance to be able to recover it wholly again.

Sucks, right? Sure, there is such a thing as backup but do everybody do it? I do not think so.

While there are recovery applications that can help you retrieve deleted files, I had tried so many of them and the end results? Either they do not work or they are just hard to use at all.

I tend to be disappointed when the user interface involves having the user press so many buttons just to delete one single file. Hassle, tedious and just downright not worth my time.

Been there, done that. Oh yeah, they are expensive too.

I did come across one software that is very easy to use. And it is free! The name is EaseUS Data Recovery. This application easily recovers data due to deleting, formatting, partition loss or some improper operation. It fully recovers image, document, video, audio, email and many other types of files.

You know, retrieving text files is a breeze. The tricky part is when you try to retrieve very large files like movies or so. I tried deleting one just for test sake and it gave me back the movie file in one piece. Pretty impressive!

It best pays to be safe. Have a data recovery software on hand when you accidentally delete files for good and still want them back. This can be even useful for those with smartphones or devices like cameras where memory card recovery operations can come in handy.

EaseUS can run in both Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

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