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5 Spa Services You Simply Have To Try

There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the spa to make your responsibilities feel miles away. If you’re only soaking in the hot tub, however, you’re missing out on some amazing treatments that can cleanse your body and rejuvenate your spirit. Here are just five spa services you’ll want to experience at least once! 1. […]

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Safety Tips To Consider When Selecting A Hotel Accommodation

Whether you are traveling for business or adventure, you need to consider your safety as a priority because you can only live once, and you shouldn’t waste time making mistakes.

There are several things that can put you in danger and thus you must avoid them. If you want to travel and stay safe during your trip, the following tips will benefit you when choosing a hotel.

1. Before your trip, copy your airline tickets, passports and other identification material, credit cards, and other relevant documents. Retain a copy of these items in a safe place.

2. When you travel, choose a room that has modern electronic locks installed in the rooms. Most of these electronic locks change the combination automatically with every new guest reservation, and there is little chance that someone can have a duplicate key to your room. In case you lose or misplace your key, request for a replacement immediately from the management.

3. Check for fire sprinklers and smoke detectors in the guest rooms, hallways and conference rooms. If these are not installed in every room, they should at least be installed in the hallway.

4. The guest rooms should have a telephone that can make outside calls. But guest phones placed in lobbies and hallways should not be allowed to make direct calls to the rooms. And if anyone would like to call the room, the person should ask for the guest name and not the room number.

5. Ensure that the locks on the windows and adjoining rooms are secure

6. The hotel grounds, parking structures, and hallways should be well-lit.

7. If there are elevators in the parking garage, they should not lead directly to the guest floors. Instead, they should lead to the lobby.

8. Ask if the hotel personnel are trained for guest security and if they are available on request as escorts to the rooms and parking lot.

9. Check whether the hotel is located in an area with high crime rate, especially when you are traveling overseas. You can find this information at the US Embassy Resident Security Officers in the destination country. They can also alert you to which areas of the city to avoid.

10. When you arrive at the hotel, remain with your luggage until it is safely brought into the lobby.

11. When you are checking into the hotel, watch your purse and luggage keenly.

12. Observe the lobby well. If it is very busy, thieves often take advantage of such a situation to steal your property and so you need to have a third eye on you.

13. If you are staying in old-style rooms with the guest room doors that still use the traditional metal key, observe how the hotel handles the keys. If you find a pile of keys lying on the front desk, then probably the hotel is not very keen about your security.

But if the hotel uses electronic key cards, this should not be a huge concern to you. If the room numbers are embossed on the metal key and they are lying around carelessly, you may have something to worry about.

When you travel to a destination, especially if you are new, you need to be assured that you are safe. Most hotels will take many measures to make sure that you are safe.

But if the above checklist is not entirely taken care of, you may have to reconsider your reservations and move to the next hotel. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you are looking for good hotel deals, remember to check for affordable hotels in Paris.

This post was provided by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, a travel website that helps you to locate the best deals on transportation, accommodations, and more.

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What You Should Know About A Father’s Rights During A Divorce

It’s a misconception that fathers don’t want to stay involved in their children’s lives following a divorce. On the contrary, many fathers want to stay as active as possible with their children during and after a divorce. Here’s what you should know about a father’s rights.

1. You can fight to become the primary conservator, as well as the parent who decides where the children will live. You can also have the majority of access to the children. Don’t assume that because you’re not the mother, you don’t have the right to any of these things.

2. The level of involvement that each parent exhibited while married will play a big role in determining who has custody of the children after a divorce. If the father was more active than the mother when it came to parenting duties, it’s highly possible that the father will continue to be the primary parent.

3. There are plenty of lawyers who want to help fathers through a divorce. Search for divorce lawyers in your area, read Cordell & Cordell reviews, and ask for recommendations from any fathers you know who have recently gone through a divorce.

4. If both the mother and the father shared parenting duties equally, a judge won’t necessarily default to giving the mother primary custody. It’s still possible for the father to gain the majority of control. Or, parenting duties after divorce may continue to be split down the middle.

5. When the judge looks at each parent’s role in the child’s life, they’ll look mainly at the daily responsibilities, which include feeding the child, taking them to school, meeting with teachers when necessary, taking the child to doctor appointments, cooking meals, and more.

6. It’s important to remember that the best outcome is whatever’s best for the children. In some cases, the father may have been the primary caregiver during the marriage, but following a divorce, the father may have to go back to work, which could affect how much of a role they could play in the child’s daily life. It’s not about proving who’s the better parent, but instead what’s best for the child.

Favoring the mother in court is becoming antiquated. When seeking custody of the children, it’s important to honestly display who has been the main caregiver all along – many times, the father’s taken on that role.

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