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1 Month Christmas Vacation

Now here is something that not all of us get the chance to experience. A month one vacation! My first time actually and it is because the company I am currently working with decided not to convert our vacation leaves into cash. So what does that leave us then? Of course. Use it! So here […]

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The Coffee Curse

coffeeThey say lack of sleep is unhealthy. Well, that is the after effect for me after I drink coffee. It is just weird. When I am not in bed yet, I tend to get drowsy. Come the time when I go to bed, my eyes suddenly are wide open.

Just like now.

I drank a coffee jelly drink of Krispy Kreme early afternoon. Now, right now while writing this post, my eyes are pretty much wide open because of the caffeine effect.

Guess this is my coffee curse version. I get sleepy before going to bed and I go wide awake when I am already in bed trying to sleep. The irony right?

I guess this only affects me when the caffeine is too much. When I drink coffee in the office, I mix it with a huge amount of water so it does not taste that strong. Just enough to give me a little coffee and heat my body from the cold air condition in the office.

So, probably 2 more hours for me till I will be able to start feeling drowsy and finally get some sleep. In the meantime, I think it is time to watch a little tv series to kill the time.

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March Is Fire Prevention Month

fireFor countries where summer falls on March, it is fire prevention month. Ironically, so many fires happen during this time.

Well, I hope not this year. While we cannot predict the future, let us all pray and hope that no fires will decimate houses that can affect the lives of families who could be victimized by such damage.

It pains me whenever I read news of fires started by children playing with matches, unattended candles, short circuit wiring and burnt cellphone chargers to name a few.

I guess the others are considered unavoidable but children playing with matches? Those parents should be punished for not watching over their kids.

Knowledge is equally important. It may be easy for others to say do not panic but once a fire hits you, there can be no time to think straight. If you can, good for you! Not all people think like you so I cannot blame them if they panic and go wild when their house gets hit by fire.

People should be vigilant and be aware of their surroundings, be responsible in the things they do to avoid fires from happening in their neighborhood and prevent their kids from playing with anything that can produce or cause fire.

Fires are nasty. Once it hits you, it hits you hard.

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