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Globe’s Fair Usage Policy Is … No Comment ^_^

LOL. I finally decided to subscribe a DSL line with Globe because we transferred location and we could not bring our existing DSL subscription with us since my father in law still wants to use it. While my DSL subscription before was a 1MB unlimited plan, Globe has now scrapped all unlimited plans for new […]

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My 2 Year Sun Cellular Torture Is Finally Nearing Its End

It has been known to the world that the Internet speed in the Philippines is pathetic.

How come? Well, think of it this way. They provide only one line that is used by the whole city. Yes, I was exaggerating but the scenario actually looks like that.

Business plans are pretty fast. But for personal use? Telcos purposely mess with configurations so users can barely do anything except wait for website responses or even timeouts from these Telcos’ lousy Internet service.


My pocket WIFI subscription with Sun Cellular is finally coming to and end. 3 more months and counting.

I can finally say, good riddance!!!

Here are the following PROs and CONs with regards to getting a pocket WIFI subscription from them.

1) If you are not from Manila, then you are good as screwed. If you complain for problems and ask your subscription to be terminated, you will be IGNORED. Literally!

I had been complaining after 3 months since my plan with them started. I had been passed around in their hotline without results or progress.

So I went to their local business office to complain. Turned out they can do NOTHING because only Manila is authorized to have the final say on complaints.

Their local tech support already confirmed my WIFI connection sucks even when I am in the city so I really cannot figure out why those lazy ass in Manila cannot even give me a call in order for my subscription plan to be canceled.

This only proved that even with evidence that their BOREDBAND connection is turtle speed, they viewed me as a liar because I had been ignored.

2) The device purposely turns its Internet connection off so the point of having real time connection is non-existent. You’d think you are online in Facebook all the time then later on you wonder why no notifications pops up.

Turns out there is no connection at all coming in and I would have to turn it off and on again just to get back online.

Funny thing is that the local tech support I talked to confirmed that it behaves this way. All I could say was … nothing! I could not believe what the staff just told me. Geez!

3) Even when Sun Cellular upgraded to Smart, the connection still sucks. Frankly, the only probable best time to think that their Internet speed is good is when the whole country is asleep and only a few are wide awake to use Sun’s WIFI or 3G connection.

I could not say anything to the local tech support whom I talked to after he told me to just use the pocket WIFI late at night. My face was like … WTF?!?!

4) Signal detection sucks. When I go in a building elevator or the fire exit stairs, the signal gets lost which may be normal but once I get out, the sig al gets stuck.

I would have to turn it off and on again. A real hassle!

5) Too many complaints from Sun Cellular can get you banned. Yes. I am banned from their broadband hotline. I went to their local business office so they could see that my number is banned.

Even they could do nothing.

6) Device sucks. When I turn it on or off, it takes forever! One would expect a simple press on the button would already turn the device on or off.

But nooooo. Sun Cellular gave me a crappy device to begin with.

Frankly, this post is getting to long. I might have forgotten other things that made me hate Sun Cellular’s stupid Internet speed but these are what I can remember today.

I might add some more in the future if I remember some of them.

Regardless, my 2 years is finally coming an end and I m so relieved that Sun Cellular won’t be stealing any more money from me.

2 years worth of my plan equate to around PHP20,000 or more. And my complaints will never be addressed.

This is a norm in the Philippines anyway. Big corporations will only make a move to remedy customer complaints when they are sensationalized in the media so to avoid embarrassment.

So screw you Sun Cellular for your crappy stupid pocket WIFI service.

On the bright side … here the the PROs.

1) ….

Oh wait! There is NONE! Literally! :p

Heed my warning. You’d best be using only their cellphone service. If you subscribe to their other services and you end up complaining that you want your subscription terminated and you are not from Manila, you are good as screwed.

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No More Foursquare Check-In Spamming For Me

It did not take long but I decided to call it quits with regards to check-in spamming in FourSquare. That is just my term. I do not know if there is a technical term for that but I will use it for my post.

Foursquare is fun. It lets you know where your connected friends are in this world. Problem is, some people just plain check in to places that they are not even in, say just passing by. I mean, come on … checking in a bridge?

Probably to increase points.

As the saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them”. That I did. It took probably 3 months all in all that I checked in to places even when I was not really there. You know … just passing by.

Then last night I felt that I have grown weary doing it just for the sake of earning so many points for every check-in.

So I decided to put a stop to my check-in spamming activities and only do it when I am really in that place. Foursquare is fun. But really … checking in to a place that you just happen to pass by?

Although that is the user’s decision and not mine, I have decided to stop that practice and just check-in when I am really in that certain place.

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