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Cholesterol Effect

I recently found out my total cholesterol level was beyond the borderline of 200. My result was 238 which is already cause for alarm. But because of that, I confirmed that the searing pain that I kept experiencing for more than a year is due to my high cholesterol, which my wife suspected later on. […]

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You Know You Are Getting Old When …

You know you are getting old when your health related issues spike. Take cholesterol or sugar level for example. It sucks when you are forced to control what you eat in case those levels spike.

And just last week, I found out my cholesterol level was at an all time high. Last year, it was pretty normal and I was surprised that it totally spiked all of a sudden when I had my annual physical checkup recently.

Because of this, I have now paid attention closely to what HDL, LDL and VDL are for. When this happens, people tend to be more conscious and more aware on the kind of food that they will eat.

Even my SGPT level is near borderline so I have to minimize the salt particularly junk food and drink more water. While I drink water and coffee (without sugar) all the time, I cannot figure out why my SGPT level spiked considering I do not eat junk food that often.

If you do not know what SGPT is, it is about the liver. To lower this level I think the best alternative is to drink lots of water and lessen salt intake like junk food.

There will always come a time where our determination is put to the test. It won’t hurt to eat a little. The important thing is to continue your drive to eat and drink as much as possible only the kind of food that are healthy.

Oh, and one more thing. Do not forget to exercise ;).

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How To Drive Away Mosquitoes

mosquito_repellentMosquitoes are bad. When my wife and I moved in to our new place, we noticed mosquitoes lurking near the doors. I figured it may be because of the plants in our small garden.

Regardless, I researched to see if there is any cheap alternative to driving away mosquitoes. Voila! There is! And it is a plant called Citronella.

Its oil is actually used in mosquito repellents. I do not know why but its odor somehow masks us from mosquitoes thereby confusing them. This ingredient is also used in scented candles.

Not bad for a cheap alternative, right? Although I believe it needs some maintenance to trim it to its appropriate size. Leaving it as it is may not make your garden look good. Although that’s just me, I prefer the small type plants as opposed to those the size of knee length bushes.

A little of it is enough to keep mosquitoes at bay and I am all satisfied by it.

Now, I am basing this post based on my research in Google. I had read that some flowers like Marigold and Rosemary are also good alternatives for mosquito repellent and I think they make your garden look better because of their flowers compared to plain grass like Critronella and even Lemongrass.

It is good knowing that there are many plants that can serve as alternatives for mosquito repellents, those are not hard to find and obtain.

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