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Who Plays Yoville?

I was bored out of my wits so I thought of checking out Yoville. Those Facebook games are more or less the same, just that the same is different. I used to play Farmtown but then I got bored with it because there was nothing else the game offered to me as my farm grew […]

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Transformers: War For Cybertron Trailer

I can only say one thing about this clip. AWESOME! If only the Transformers movie created was like this. While the live action movies were good, after seeing this trailer for a Transformers game for the Playstation 3, this is way better than the live action movies. You can even see familiar bots in their familiar character designs and even featured giant bots like Omega Supreme and Trypticon.

Megatron’s character design is different in this one. It looks the same as in the Transformers Animated cartoon series. Even Optimus Prime’s design is a bit different but his face still looks the same. It would be really awesome if they are going to create a tv-series in CGI like Star Wars. This is by far the best Transformers animated in CGI I have ever seen, far surpassing even the live action movies.

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Halo Wars

haloWhen I downloaded a movie file titled Halo Wars and seeing a screenshot of it, I thought it was another action packed CGI movie. Action packed it is, but it seemed that after some scenes the transition becomes sort of like a cliffhanger like it does not really relate to the next scenes shown. I finally decided to check it on Google to see if the file that I got is probably some scenes from a game and then merged into an AVI file. I was right.

Halo Wars is a famous game by Microsoft. The player leads human soldiers aboard the warship Spirit of Fire in an effort to stop an ancient fleet of ships from falling into the hands of the genocidal alien Covenant. The CGI animation is awesome! So detailed, fluid and the effects are just marvelous! It would have been nice it this were indeed a real feature length movie. Still, around 30 minutes in total this was a pretty good short movie to watch. I did not place this post in my tech blog since I am not talking about the game but the cinematics themselves. You should check it out!

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