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Boo! McDonald’s Cebu IT Park Branch!

When my wife and I got there, I decided to get the cheeseburger + sundae. So the sundae was given to us right away while the cheeseburger was being prepared. In a short while, some staff came over to us and told us that the receipt was not accepted because it was past beyond its […]

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Wasabi Overload

I thought wasabi is just mild. You know, that feeling sensation that goes through your head? I used to just put in a little wasabi on my sushi whenever I eat them but just recently, I had the experience of my life.

Weird, but it was as if I stopped breathing for a seemingly like a split second. Literally. It was like something barred my breathing passageway that nothing could get in. I could not breath I felt like I would lose consciousness or something.

Lesson learned. I will not underestimate the power of wasabi.

I love sushi. I love wasabi. But next time I am going to eat sushi, I will not exaggerate putting it with too much wasabi. I surely do not want to experience that split second nightmare ever again.

Sure, Philippine Chilli is much spicier than wasabi is, but in terms of short time knockout, wasabi can pack quite a punch compared to the long term spice effect of chillis.

Once was enough. Never will I want to go through that frighting short experience ever again.

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Krispy Kreme To Open Cebu Branch In September

Yes! No need to go to Manila just to get a bite of those delectable doughnuts called Krispy Kreme. They will finally open the first of 3 planned branches in Cebu located on the first level of Ayala Center Cebu this coming September.

According to Sunstar, it will seat anywhere from 80 to 200 customers. Its first Cebu branch will also feature a “Hotlight,” a neon sign that, when turned on, will offer customers complimentary original glazed doughnuts.

Only a few months from now, right? Can’t wait! Now … I hope Cinnabon will follow.

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