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Avoid Sun Cellular Services Except Calls

3 months from now, my pocket WIFI subscription with Sun Cellular will finally come to an end after 2 years.

Yes. I will finally be rid of the worst mistake I ever made in my life by subscribing to their pathetic and worthless service.

The topic of my post says to avoid all service except calls. Why calls? For one thing, everybody gets the same kind of service with calls and text messaging. Besides, speed is not an issue here anyway.

While I have not tried their other services considering I only am currently subscribed to their pocket WIFI, here are the some reasons why you should avoid any of their other services especially those who are not from Manila.

Only Manila based people can decide if you wish to cut off the service while you are still locked.
This one will take forever, just like what I am currently experiencing. We tend to call customer service since that is always the first option that comes to mind, right?

However, for 1.5 years, what customer service had done was give me robotic messages like “we have escalated your issue bla bal bla”. Seriously! How many times do they have to escalate your issue? Answer? As long as you keep calling, you get the same response every time.

After 1.5 years, the staff in Cebu finally gave it a thought to have me talk to their manager because nothing came out of it when I talked to their supervisor before.

It was then that I found out only people in Manila will have the final say whether they will allow you to cut off your subscription even if you are still in the locked-in period.

Problem with this scenario is that they want to send someone to verify the connection of my pocket WIFI when someone from Cebu already did a few months ago and vouched that indeed the connection is really slow.

What does that make me then? A liar, that’s what. Sun Cellular sees all clients as liars because they ignore what the problems are.

For them, it is actually like, if clients do not call back, that means it is fixed.

I understand there are many problems received by Sun Cellular staff everyday but really now, that is their job in the first place.

Makes me wonder if they even employ technical support people in the first place :P. Or they are not doing anything at all.

And the best part in all this? The twerps actually blocked my number from being able to contact their broadband hotline support number. I showed the staff at Sun Cellular’s office in Ayala Center Cebu that my number could not call the broadband hotline support. Then, when used with their own sim, it went through right away.

This is how Sun Cellular fixes your problem, by blocking you out so you won’t be able to keep complaining anymore.

This was the worst mistake I ever made when subscribing for a service. I should have chosen the bundled tablet option because even though their connection sucks, I still have a tablet with me. Problem with tablets is that considering 3G is a resource hog and drains battery quickly, I did not want it to happen if I wanted to share the Internet connection which was why I chose the pocket WIFI option.

I cannot figure out why those people in Manila who are in charge with decisions cannot do their jobs properly. I only want my subscription to be cut off because I do not want to waste PHP24,000 for nothing.

Instead, I was told I could not even though their service sucks. What the manager in Cebu told me was that he can only keep following up my issue since only Manila has the final say and that he will ask that my previous payments be refunded.

I doubt this will work. Know why? They will say, if the connection is slow, how come the client still uses it. Ouch, that is a bulls-eye but sadly, that is reality. 3 more months of agonizing and wasting money for nothing.

My last resort was to email NTC regarding my problem so they could help me out. Problem was, their submission form in their website is broken. Although I sent an email directly to the person listed in their contacts list, I have lost all hope in actually looking forward to any response from them.

Oh yeah, one more thing, getting a pocket WIFI from Sun Cellular? DON’T!!! The one I got also keeps disconnecting itself from time to time. It is not the signal. Hell, I use it within the heart of the city.

I thought maybe it is because of the device itself but the staff in Cebu said it is not and that is really behaves that way. The hell?!? Where is the real time in that? I tend to have to turn the device on and off so it would somehow re-establish itself in providing me with some Internet connection.

For 1.5 years, I had tirelessly called customer service for help to no avail. I was even given conflicting solutions. There was one time the agent told me I can have the subscription cut off as long as I pay the last bill.

When I went to Sun Cellular’s Ayala Center Cebu branch, I was told it was not possible. This is one messed up organization. Even if Smart/PLDT bought them or however they call it, the fact remains their service sucks.

While this is a hopeless case, I am more angry with the fact that my PHP24,000.00 will be POOF because of some incompetent, lousy and lazy slobs who do not take their jobs seriously.

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