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Spydergrip By Ryan Arriaga Is A Scam

If you have seen this product being marketed online and you plan to buy it … Don’t! I have been a supporter of Kickstarter projects for a number of times and his project is the first one that I had been scammed. Well, officially that is. I am not sure with the other projects that […]

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Never Ship Your Packages Internationally To The Philippines Using Commercial Mail Couriers

FedEx, DHL, LBC, whatever. Hell, when it reaches the Philippines, the recipient is forced to pay a whopping amount of taxes even if the item involved is worth only $10.


Yep. When I ordered something from Kickstarter, there was an option if shipment will be through government postal service or FedEx.

International shipping to the Philippines is pathetic. Once it reaches the country, it takes foreEEEEEver to reach its intended recipient.

Thinking that the item was small, I decided to have it ship through FedEx. Hell, waiting for a few days beats waiting for 3 months or more.

When I got the package, I was shocked to find out I had to pay more than $50 in taxes.

WTF!!! (again)

If I knew about this first hand I would never have chosen the FedEx option. Even my sender was surprised he thought the guy at FedEx was trying to scam me since in the U.S. anything less than $50 is not taxed.

Well, welcome to the Philippines. Where everything is taxed and majority of them go to corrupt people. Literally.

So hell, I had no choice. But I will never, ever have anything shipped through those a-hole commercial couriers.

Shipping through the government’s mailing service will still tax me but the difference is staggering. Lesson learned for me.

Oh, and if you think that documents are exempted from taxes, think again. My cousin told me even she got taxed even for a few documents sent through FedEx.

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