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Pentatonix Concert In Cebu This June 7, 2015

Yeeeehaaaaw! I could not believe at first when I read the news that Pentatonix is coming to Cebu for a concert! I mean, what the … for real?!?!? My wife was asleep when I had to wake her up and her eyes just opened wide when she read the headline about the concert. Pentatonix is […]

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The Flak On The Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Hosting

When I overheard the Aquino and Abunda segment regarding Toni Gonzaga’s hosting of Bb. Pilipinas Pageant 2015 that drew flak, I brushed it off aside because I do not care anyway.

However, after my wife watched the replay in YouTube (and I peeked), I understood why others criticized her hosting.

This was a pageant for crying out loud. Pageants are supposed to be about the contestants. Instead, she even tries to put the crowd’s attention to her. That was bad hosting. Even Xian Lim did some wrong things like asking Toni what her answer could be on some of the questions asked by the judges. I mean, come on!

Then again, the way Toni hosted the event was how she always does. She had to realize though that it was not a reality show she was hosting in, nor some entertainment show.

This was a beauty pageant. And a formal one at that.

And those comments? Seriously?

Plus, hearing Abunda and Aquino’s comments on Toni’s hosting were biased. Geez. Always playing safe.

Regardless, her hosting the event was not the worst. You gotta see Martin Nievera’s hosting of the Miss Universe 1994 Pageant when it was held in the Philippines. That was the worst.

If there is someone to blame on how the pageant was hosted, blame it on the Bb. Pilipinas organization for picking the wrong people.

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Happy Valentines Day 2014

Happy Valentines to one and all! This is one day of every year that people look most forward to. Well, those who have partners, love ones and those who have set their eyes on someone else.

Valentines Day is one of those days where all restaurants are booked you’d be lucky to find an available slot if you never got the chance for a reservation.

Oh yeah, taxi cabs are going to be full too so good luck getting a cab when you go to your destination or when you go home. That can only mean traffic. And as some people joke, motels will surely be fully booked ;).

Me? Well, I am pretty simple. I prefer the minimalistic approach. We just had lunch a while ago and tonight we probably will hang out for coffee or wine. Just letting the night pass away so to speak.

Simple. Yes. But that is because next year we will be having a different kind of Valentine date for sure. Our house will be done maybe next month so we already know what kind of date we will be having.

Even if it will be just in our home, some candlelight dinner setting, just the two of us. Now, that is something we both are looking forward to.

A Happy Valentines greetings to everybody around the world!

P.S. Forgot to post this on Valentines Day itself because I was busy ;).

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