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Shame On You Department Of Education Cebu

If anybody from Department of Education Cebu gets to read this, tell me I am lying 😛 because this is what you basically told someone I know. Before that, here is what really happened. Someone I know has a tumor. His school is willing to help but they have to announce his name (I have […]

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A Comprehensive Guide To Master’s In Teaching At USC

masteralAs many of you have read my previous post about the Master’s in Teaching at USC, I wanted to follow up with a resource that would be equally helpful for those looking to become teachers. Getting the required education, such as in the online master’s program from USC, is the first step to becoming a teacher in your state.

The next step to becoming a teacher is finding out what exams and requirements are necessary to getting your certification. Fortunately, is the perfect resource to figure out this information. CertificationMap is an easy to navigate tool that presents certification requirements in easy to understand terms, unlike confusing legislation bills. They have done all the work for you!

The beauty of the site is that it is not only aimed at new teachers, but it is a great resource for current teachers as well. If you are a current teacher looking to teach in a new state, you not only get the certification requirements, but you also get a competitive salary average to help with job negotiations. Also, don’t forget to check out the CertificaitonMap blog for inspirational stories and great teacher resources.

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Another Year For College?

Last night, as I was reading the newspaper I came upon an article that caught my attention. CHEDdipoma proposes to add another year for college. What?!?!? I told me wife about it and she said it was old news. They also wanted that before. Their reason? To promote quality education that is up to international standards. So, it is very easy for them to propose that because they have money. Are they even thinking how that may affect others? This can very well increase the number of out of school youths. What they should do is have universities remove unnecessary subjects that are useless.

Take my case. In my university, I had like 6 religious study subjects. Imagine that??? What do I need 6 religious study subjects for? As if grade school and high school was not enough. The important thing is that I am faithful. I have clearly forgotten what I was taught in those 6 religious study subjects. They say that without Religious Studies, the University would not be what it is if they are not part of the curriculum. So I had to go through 3 years of those. And what about History? I can look things up in the internet if I need to know about something. English … heck, during the exams it was just common sense, we were never even told what to study. Same with Filipino subject. That subject is pretty useless. We only need to know how to talk the language. I have never encountered any situation where I was to use Filipino as the language except when talking. So Filipino and English subjects during Elementary and High School should be enough.

At least then, the number of college years needed would be intact or, who knows, would get lessen (I doubt though). 4 years I believe is enough and it should stay that way.

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