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Spider-Man Replacing Human Torch On New ‘FF’ Team

Rest in peace Torchie boy. I wonder what kind of powers you will have when you will be reincarnated in the near future. Behold: the FF, featuring Spider-Man and three of the Fantastic Four. When Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort told CNN in December that “something new” would come out of the recent death of the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch, he was not kidding.

For starters, they would not even be using the name Fantastic Four. On Wednesday, Marvel announced that the team is now going to be called the Future Foundation, debuting in “FF” No. 1 in March. Gone are the traditional blue costumes. The team will now be wearing white-and-black costumes (with three hexagons replacing the trademark number “4,” as well).

Looks too bright and kiddie. But, Spiderman’s costume looks good on him even on white and even if his costume color looks like Storm Shadow of GI Joe. The Thing looks absolutely … ugh! Cannot even start to describe it.

This team-up will surely boost comic sales … maybe for a while. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. For sure, Spiderman’s presence will make them hot.

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