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Cupless Bras

While surfing the net about the abnormality of a 4-eared cat, i stumpled upon cupless bras. While I am not ignorant about these, I just knew about the name after stumbling in to the site. So these are called cupless bras huh *wink*. I’ve seen these things before but on sensual sites (not sex sites […]

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Boxer Or Brief?

I never like to wear boxers even until now. I always feel naked even by just imagining that I’m wearing one. I first had the experience of wearing it when I ran out of underwears because the storm was unpredictable my laundry kept piling up. Since I had a few boxers kept (they were gifts given to me during my birthday or christmas), I had no choice but to wear it. The feeling of it still made me feel naked. Although you can say they can be comfortable, I don’t like wearing it when your balls get swayed back and forth. The traditional underwear is still the best for me. These days, I wear boxers sometimes when I don’t plan to fetch my girlfriend from her work since all I do in the office is just sit in front of the computer and waste the time till work hours are done. But, when I have no underwears left to wear of course. You could say I only wear them in case of emergencies. And I also started wearing them whenever I go to sleep.  They are much more comfortable than shorts. It is impossible that I wear one on gimmicks and such. That would be the same as wearing nothing underneath hahaha!

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