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Ayala Cebu, The Terraces

The day after I knew that the new area of Ayala Cebu opened, I couldn’t wait after work to go there. It was like Greenbelt all over for me because prior to the opening, people could already see the outside of it. It looked the same like Greenbelt’s design, but, more of a tiny version […]

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Cebu Surgery Spectacle

This poor gay just had a bad experience with sex when he later found out his partner made fun of him by placing a spray canister inside his anus. The news never stated it, but who else could have done it but his partner? He never knew about this until he felt pain the next day and opted for a checkup only then to find out about this. The worse happened next. Videos of his surgery had been spread in the net. Youtube, that’s for sure but you never know where else it ended up since there are lots of streaming sites out there. It’s sickening that people would do this and shame the patient involved. He did not even do anything to them so why should they do this to him? It’s just right that he sue the hospital personnel who took videos of it. And better yet, they get fired. This event can trigger a chain reaction to other patients. They will never have the feeling that they’re safe because they will never know a handycam or some other type of video peripheral may be hovering above them while an operation is in progress.

The news mentioned that a doctor even asked the gay if he wanted the video to be uploaded to YouTube to earn big money. This is just gross. Shame on that doctor! I hope that this issue does get resolved and the people involved be punished severely.

For news about this, click here.

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Nanay’s Carenderia

I eat quite often here during weekends because it’s the nearest carenderia from where I live. It’s the carenderia besides Jasmine Pension House on Jasmin St., Capitol, Cebu. Funny thing happened to me today, and the first time it has happened to me. I ordered fried rice from the guy who was there to serve to customers. He actually gave me a lot but while he was placing the rice on to my plate, it was actually sort of in a slow motion kind of way as he wasn’t sure if the serving he was giving to me was enough or too much. Of course I just kept quiet because, hey, that’s already a blessing ha ha ha. He actually was going to give it to me when the owner suddenly intervened. Seems she was already checking out the amount of fried rice served to me. She took the plate back, dumped all the fried rice back to the tray and gave me a new serving.. only this time it was just a cup of it.

Whapack! In your face! haha… right in front of me… Was very insulting … Oh well … only in the Philippines as they say …

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