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How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) Movie Review

The first movie was pretty good. The sequel? Even better! Why is that? For me, I loved this movie because it introduced 2 new huge dragons. Plus, I understood that there are more than 1 large dragons in the world. I thought at first that there was only 1 huge evil dragon that controlled all […]

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Rise Of The Guardians (2012) Movie Review

I was surprised that I missed this movie until I got the chance to watch it on cable TV last night. This movie is awesome!

The characters of Rise of the Guardians are unique plus the movie mixes in both humor, cuteness and action packed sequences. The movie tells the story of when the evil spirit Pitch launches an assault on Earth, the Immortal Guardians team up to protect the innocence of children all around the world.


I have to say Sandman was the best character. Cute face, cute expression but badass powers. Considering this was more of a kids movie I was not really surprised that after Sandman was hit by Pitch and disappeared, I knew all along he would make a comeback later on in the movie.

Each of the guardians’ character is unique. From Bunny representing Easter, Santa for Christmas, Fairy for tooth fairies,Jack Frost’s cold and Pitch’s fear, the way they interact with and against each other was entertaining.

The action scenes were quite good. Even grownups would enjoy them unlike others that show too much kiddie action scenes that then tends to focus on kids only instead of the general audience.

Overall, the movie’s mix of humor, fun, action and emotions I would say make this a movie you should not miss!

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JLA Adventures Trapped In Time (2014) Review

This was weird. I mean, first, the voice characters changed. Batman had the same voice character as in the tv series Batman The Brave and the Bold, and some others switched heroic of villainous character to voice over.

I was actually excited to learn this was out in the Internet because Justice League War just got released to DVD so getting to watch 2 Justice League movies does not happen often. However, the character drawings were terrible.

But I guess not as terrible as one of the previous movies where they donned retro costumes. This movie though, had the wrong title.


When I read “Trapped In Time”, I thought they really were trapped in the past or something. It turned out only one of them was in jeopardy physically when the past was going to be altered. Although, it would have a ripple effect on the other Justice League members, there was not much time travel that happened here.

It was good to see Aquaman in his orange costume fighting alongside the other leaguers. Karate Kid and Dawn Star were pretty much useless. Sure, Karate Kid found the Time Trapper’s weakness and Dawnstar’s own power was the one thing that could hit it. Other than those, they were pretty boring. Heck, even Robin’s short fight against Karate Kid was good to watch.

The other scenes though were very good. I do not get to see Bizarro fight all the time so him, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah and Toyman in past Smallville duking it out against Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman showed some very exciting fighting scenes, and Football movements too (since they were trying to get ahold of the Superman baby).

Overall though, I can’t complain. Regardless how badly they may had been drawn, story-wise it is not half-bad. I prefer watching groups of superheroes in one movie than just one of them. Although I have to admit, after watching it, it was not what I expected.

Justice League War is way more awesome!

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