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The Curse Of A Sales Rep

I just had a chat with one of my friends last night and my friend talked about the experience of being a sales representative. She said it is not an easy job particularly because you do not get a high salary to begin with. Most of the money you will get will come from bonuses and commissions. What is worse is if you sell products that require you to meet up with the client. A good example here would be if you work as a sales representative. Especially if you are a girl, indecent proposals are pretty common. Even the company’s management knows that things like those happen and is a sad fact of life. If you do not meet clients because you do not want to risk something bad may happen to you, then that would result in no possible sales at all.

My friend mentioned about stalkers when she was working as a sales representative selling products and how indecent proposals were pretty common during her time working as one. She was even offered an indecent proposal from a politician. Man, makes you wonder where our taxes are actually going (for a politician’s good time?). If you are a medical representative, chances are big that doctors will hit on you, quite a lot of them. Pretty disgusting that these men are married and have children. But, well, that is life. When one has a lot of money, it is pretty easy to offer an indecent proposal right? And with today’s times being hard, they feel that money can woo any sales representative with those kind of offers.

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Marketing Is Evil

You know why? It is full of lies. Well, mostly. Take the case of airline fares. They advertise prices that those will be the promo rates but once you start booking for one, those hidden fees start appearing from nowhere. Well, unless they set it to no hidden fees then it is all good. But, 90% of the time customers are fooled at the last minute.

Take my own case, but not with airline tickets. I just had my Globe DSL disconnected because I have had it with their pathetic restoration excuse. I switched to PLDT this time and once I started filling up the form, it was that time when I found out that I had to pay installation fees and the DSL modem fee. I remembered that that usually is the case with DSL providers. I just did not think it would be that way with PLDT since Globe waived them. My point anyway, if they really are concerned with their customers, then all fees should also be included in the advertisements. Then again, no one would subscribe right? Since the total cost will be high. That is marketing. Information is incomplete and the minute the customer starts filling up the form to subscribe, there is nothing they can do because they are already there.

Yes, marketing is evil. Does the national consumer act law apply here? Should be. If it does apply, it is pretty useless because since companies do this evil practice in fooling customers by showing incomplete information in their advertisements and bombarding them with hidden fees once customers are stuck with them, the customer feels suing them is expensive, hence customers let them be and the companies get away with it.

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