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Spiderman’s Alter Ego To Lose His Job

Things are getting a little harder for Spider-Man’s alter ego. Even in the comic book world, he cannot escape the harsh realities of the current economic times and will lose his job in a new issue of the Amazing Spider-Man. Peter Parker, official photographer of the mayor by day and New York City crime fighter […]

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Reading A Comic Book

comicsMy wife got me a comic book as a gift for Valentines. I was surprised. It has been such a long time since I last read one. I even forgot when that was exactly. When I was a kid, I used to read them comic books quite a lot because my dad has a collection of various comic books from DC to Marvel and many others. Classics actually and they are all book bound in volumes.

I wonder how much those comics that I have will cost now. I’m sure I can get big if I sell those. Most of them are in good conditions and they’re likely from the 60’s and 70’s. I finished the comic book my wife gave to me two nights ago. It was about the death of Elongated Man’s wife. The story is good and now my comic book is kept in my closet. Why? Not really the type to read it again. That is why I do not buy comic books now because they are so expensive. Plus you can always download them online anytime.

Still, it was a good read. I enjoy reading comic books. If only they are cheap.

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How The Movie Twilight Came To Be

twilightStephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight has revealed how the bestseller book and hit movie came to be. It all started with a dream. Pretty unique huh?┬áThe books have spent 143 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list, and the first movie in “The Twilight Saga” grossed $380 million at the box office.

The story, a love triangle between a vampire, a human and a werewolf, has ignited an international frenzy and people especially women, are looking forward to the sequel movie titled New Moon. Even my wife who has not seen the first movie seems all thrilled with the upcoming movie with the premiere slated to be shown this weekend.

Even the road to how the book came to be famous went to a lot of hurdles. It was said that as far as she can remember, she got nine rejections in all. Five no answers and then one “I’d like to read more”. Congratulations to Stephenie Meyer for writing this book and triggering Twilight mania across the world. The author is now a millionaire. And it all started with a dream.

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