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The All New Responsive Anything Goes Blog

With Google’s announcement that search results will be greatly affected if blog templates used are not of the responsive type, bloggers are forced to change their blog templates that ensures it is responsive to change layout when the blog gets viewed in a PC, tablet or smartphone. Yes I have mentioned this in my tech […]

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The Joy To Write

It is now 6 years and running since I first started blogging and I fear that my life as a blogger may come to an end soon.

I enjoy blogging. I love writing about anything. But my motivation stems from the fact that I can also monetize my sites while I blog.

Sad fact is that sponsored posts is on the decline. Google has been stepping up their link building penalties on sites that offer such services.

I don’t blame Google. They pretty much can do whatever they want since the Google Page Rank system is theirs so whatever rules they want to put in place, others will have to live with it.

The problem with this scenario is that I depend on my blog sites’ annual server fees from the money I get to earn through sponsored posts or donations.

Donations are scarce and sponsored posts make up the bulk of my extra earnings. And now, they look to be in peril.

I really do not want my sites to be offline for the reason that I will not be able to shoulder the costs in the near future. For now, I take whatever offers I can just to earn a little so I would have a little bit of something to pay for the server costs when my subscription period ends.

Writing is fun. Well, typing that is. On anything that I can think of out of the fly. I really wish my blogging life will persist through the years.

Right now, I will just take it one day at a time and hope some offers come my way.

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Screw NoFollow! My Tech Blog Suddenly Got A PR0. Google Lied!

Webmasters are after PageRank no matter how Google tries to convince people that it is not a huge factor in determining its ranking among the various websites out there.

They said the use of nofollow in tags is important to help your site not to get penalized when page rank updates will take place.

I take good care of my tech blog because of its high traffic. But rather than adding nofollow tags to every link that gets added to the blog site, I use a meta tag of nofollow for the robot to treat every link as nofollow. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Wrong! I was surprised my tech blog suddenly got a page rank of 0. What the hell. It’s either Google’s algorithm screwed up or their nofollow instruction for websites not to get penalized is bogus and crap.

Maybe you think Google’s system is still re-calculating my site’s page rank and the update has not propagated over to its other servers scattered around the globe.

Nope. I do not believe that. It has been quite a number of days now and the page rank is still 0, so I fear the worst that this is permanent until the next update.

My tech blog has been consistently at PR3 ever since, even got to PR4 at one cycle but maintained it consistently until now.

All those trying to preserve their site’s page rank by adding nofollow to unnatural links? Don’t believe it!

Fracking Google. Once your website gets penalized, you will have to wait for the next update to take place to hope your website’s page rank gets back.

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