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Hunter X Hunter : Phantom Rouge (2013) Review

This was not really an exciting movie for me overall. Hunter X Hunter is one of the best anime series of all time. Well, for me that is. But I am pretty sure it ranks high up on the best anime list. It has been quite a long time since I saw a good episode […]

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Naruto Shippuuden 4: The Lost Tower (2010)

I still watch Naruto’s movies even though I stopped watching the anime because the movies offer something different. I read its manga all the time, at least it is one of two manga series that I read nowadays (the other being One Piece).

Even though this movie still has the same Naruto mumbo jumbo, seeing the 4th Hokage in his heyday was a welcome sight for me … even though the techniques he showed were lame. I thought the creators should have given more focus to the 4th Hokage even if it is Naruto’s movie. After all, people see the same techniques over and over as well as the same sentimental boring outlook that Naruto has.

The movie does have a few noticeable glitches. A big city called Rouran and the princess gets to interact with only a few people??? Wow … I mean, during the last part where he guides her people to safety … are those the only people that Rouran’s population consists of?

Anyway, the movie also features young versions of characters that we see in the Shippuuden world today. Minato Namikaze, Shibi Aburame, Chōza Akimichi, a young Shizune, Maito Gai, Asuma Sarutobi, Kakashi Hatake and so many more.

Seeing them made the movie un-boring for me. Plot wise and story wise … predictable and the same old Naruto. Not really worth watching it in the theater. Good thing there is such a thing as a download.

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Supernatural Animated Is Disappointing

After watching 2 episodes of Supernatural Animated, I was disappointed. I mean, the first episode somehow gave me a recollection that I already saw that episode before in the live action tv series. After watching a second episode, my hunch somehow was bolstered because I felt I also already saw that episode.

When I checked some articles about it, my hunch was right. It seems that Supernatural Animated is a remake of the “best episodes” but it also stated will involve all new, original stories including prologues digging into the Winchester brothers childhood, anime-only enemies and the exploits of secondary characters from the live action version.

Still, I cannot help but wonder when the new storyline will take place. Probably after the second season? I guess from now on, I will be watching this cartoon series as just a for the sake reason. Nothing to look forward to.

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