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How To Quiet Down A Rooster

Roosters are annoying when in the wrong places. In the Philippines, it is quite common for a small community or what can be called a barangay to have so many roosters outside each home that it becomes a farm. Temporarily, I live with my wife and her place is a small barangay where houses’ walls […]

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The Immortal Jellyfish

This is one fascinating animal.

The immortal jellyfish (turritopsis nutricula) has to be item one on this list because of the fact that it is immortal. That is not hyperbole – it really is immortal.

After reaching sexual maturity, this jellyfish is able to reverse its aging process and become a polyp again. The ability to reverse the life cycle is probably unique in the animal kingdom, and allows the jellyfish to bypass death, rendering the Turritopsis nutricula biologically immortal.

Lab tests showed that 100% of specimens reverted to the polyp stage.

Photo and information taken from List Verse.

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Magic With Goldfish

Watch this video! Anybody who watches this will surely be curious as to how this magician made the goldfish swim in sync with each other. There is even another trick in the video where the painting of some goldfish suddenly went through the aquarium … alive. Just like in the movies.

Apparently, animal activists in China say the trick is abusive and asked the state broadcaster not to show the trick again.

What do you think of the video? Share your thoughts.

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