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Why you hate your work

  1. has barely any benefits
  2. has barely an increase in salary
  3. no gimmicks to keep you motivated
  4. has a boss who looks like a goblin and a girl’s sex organ
  5. has a boss who monitors your every move
  6. has a boss who sits behind you most of the time every single day looking at what you’re doing
  7. has a boss who tells you what to use and how to do things
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Where to have your wedding invitation cards made in Cebu

One of the things that you will do for your pre-wedding preparation is thinking where it will be best to have your wedding invitation cards made. We all have our own preferences. If you have the money, then go for the lavish types. I preferred that my card be simple, presentable and wont hurt my wallet that much haha.When I did start looking for the best stores

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