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Why I Am Voting For Duterte This 2016 Election

Last night, I made a short Facebook post about my reasons for choosing Duterte as my president this coming 2016 election and why I have no interest in voting his rival presidential candidates. I had to make the post short since even I find it tedious to read a very long article in just one […]

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Make it Easy to Steer Clear Or Hazards In Your Side-By-Side

If you’re traveling the back forty in a side-by-side, then you know how much fun it is to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. However, the ride can be a bit bumpy at times, and it’s particularly rough if you’re driving over frozen or rocky terrain. The great news is that you can avoid the hazards on the ride and make your vehicle look incredible with a high lift suspension system.

Body Versus Suspension
With some types of properties, your main concern may be just getting more clearance between the body of your vehicle and the rocky ground. Keep in mind that there is a difference between a suspension lift kit and a body lift kit. With the body kit, you’re giving yourself a few extra inches of space so that you can install larger tires or steer clear of most rocks with ease. When you install a suspension lift kit, you can improve your ground clearance by as much as 18 inches. This changes how the vehicle rides and handles, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when you’re heading into the woods or over the open fields.

As you give your side-by-side more clearance, you can invest in larger tires. This will help you smooth out a bumpy ride if you’re going over ruts and roots. You’ll still feel the larger holes and irregularities, but the jarring impact will be reduced when you lift the vehicle up and add better tires to the mix.

Enjoy the View
Lift up the vehicle and you literally get a better view. This is vital if you use your side-by-side to keep an eye on your cattle or run errands on a large ranch, but it’s also important if you just like to drive around in the woods for fun. Learn more here about lift kits and how they can transform your experience.

Finally, your lifted side-by-side will truly be safer from hazards that you encounter while on the trails. Rather than trying to go all the way around a large rock or other obstacle, you can simply straddle it and go right over the problem. You’re going to love how it looks, and you’ll also make your machine stand out from the competition.

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The Snowboard Community

Join the world’s largest riders community to learn tricks faster, track personal progress and find riders nearby. The Riders portal has an app for iOS, Android and Windows devices where you can find information and tips on various sports activities like snowboarding, bicycle, skateboard and many others.

And this is not just any community .The PROs are in it too!

Snowboarding may look easy visually. But the tricky part is once you start to be on the snowboard itself. You can start off with snowboard for beginners to get you started. I checked some snowboard tips in there and they are quite easy to understand. But yes, doing it in actual is different from just reading it. But the snowboard tricks there are pretty easy understandable and easy to apply. It takes a little practice to help get you used to it.

All tips found in the portal is considered a topic and you can see other community members chip in comments with their own tips based from their experiences which can help you gain more knowledge on the best ways to enjoy snowboarding.

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