Peptides And Your Quality of Life

Peptides are tiny amino acid chains filled with mini proteins of less than 50 units. Because they are so small, they can do amazing things inside your body that other proteins cannot. Their diminutive size also allows for easy absorption once they snuggle between two cells that other proteins cannot enter. An example of the difference is the use of collagen within the body. While your body has a difficult time digesting proteins made of collagen, the tiny collagen peptides are readily absorbed. Here are some facts about peptides you may not know.


Your body has many natural peptides that have specific functions. Many of these peptides act as hormones that transmit information using your blood as a pathway from one body part to another. The peptides studied by researchers like Ryan Smith mimic the body’s natural peptides or act to enhance the production of your natural peptides. This can include boosting hormones, producing HGH, fat loss, and wrinkle removal.


Collagen is a natural protein in your body and is required to produce your hair, bones, and nails. Your skin and connective tissues also require a great deal of collagen, but a problem occurs as you age because your body’s natural production of the protein slows down. Although you can get collagen from your diet in Lexington KY, most people don’t eat the connective tissue or skin of animals that contain collagen – instead, they take supplements.


When you take collagen, the supplement can provide your body with building blocks in the form of raw materials it needs to rebuild your body. Although it is difficult for most bodies to digest collagen in protein form, the hydrolyzed or predigested forms of collagen are easily absorbed because they are peptides.

Taking collagen can help you maintain your quality of life far into your later years. The tiny amino acids are part of the building blocks your body needs every day to rebuild itself.

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