Month: July 2015

Why I Will Miss P-Noy

P-Noy, the current Philippine president is by far the best president of the Philippines. Sure, I may not be able to compare past presidents of more than 2 decades ago because I was not born yet but ever since the late Ferdinand Marcos, I believe P-Noy’s presidency is the best. Even better than his late […]

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Bon Appetit: 4 Best Cities For Chefs

If you’ve decided to dedicate your life to the culinary arts, numerous places around the country are a perfect fit. From resort towns to large metropolitan areas, many restaurants are in need of a great chef to cook up some delicious cuisine in a variety of styles. Here are just a few of the cities around the country that cater to the best chefs.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is a relative newcomer to the scene, but a recent population boom and a plethora of innovative entrepreneurs has made the city a hotspot for new restaurants. Perhaps the most popular trend is the food truck, which blends different styles, and includes fare such as burgers, sandwiches, and desserts. Additionally, the town is known for Vietnamese and Thai food, which often blends nicely with other types of food. The best news is that chefs here make a pretty good average living at $46,667 annually, which makes it one of the best places to live for prospective chefs.

Saint Louis, MO

The Gateway City has long been one of the premier cities for original culinary ideas, and due to low startup costs and inexpensive property, many restaurants continue to pop up throughout the city. Although a mid-sized city, Saint Louis has many eclectic neighborhoods that have different specialties. The Hill offers Italian food (and the amazing toasted ravioli) and gelato, while the Delmar Loop has everything from Pho to barbecue to a Korean taco joint. With a super low-cost of living plus an annual salary of just over $43,000, Saint Louis is a great fit for chefs.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Take a walk down the Las Vegas Strip and you’ll notice hundreds of restaurants all in one small area, all in need of chefs. In fact, Las Vegas has 2,820 chef openings, making it one of the largest markets in the country. Depending on your skill level and expertise, Las Vegas almost certainly has the perfect job for you, as it serves up nearly every type of food imaginable from pub food to hundred-dollar steak dinners. As a chef, expect to earn an average annual salary of about $49,000, with a chance to earn more, especially if you own your own restaurant.

Bethesda, Maryland

Bethesda, located just outside Washington, D.C., is an affluent neighborhood that offers chefs the opportunity to make some of the highest salaries in the country. This is due to a wealthy population that often wants premium food with little regard to cost. This makes job competition much stronger, however, as chefs need to have skills for each specific type of cuisine. Average chefs in Bethesda make nearly $60,000 a year, and popular restaurants include Mexican, American, Italian, and seafood menu items.

No matter where you choose to start your career as a chef, make certain to pick a town that suits your needs both in and outside of work. The happier you are with your job and your surroundings, the more you’ll excel at what you do best – cook great food.

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In Home Nursing Care

When a family member has chronic medical ailments, is disabled, has Alzheimer’s or dementia, or is recovering from surgery or a catastrophic accident, the most important factor to be considered is having the proper professional in-home nursing care.

You are able to arrange for that necessity by using a well-experienced specialty service that not only has the best interests and care of the patient at heart but also schedules someone to be present who is medically trained and also compassionate and fits in with the unique needs, interests and personality of the person being cared for.

The solution is an employee with proper credentials from a locally-owned and private in-home health care agency that has spent years with the mission to give exceptional nursing care and companionship to those who must be taken care of in order to remain in their own homes in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere and maintain a quality of life that can only be accomplished in those desirable surroundings and with the all-important individual much appreciated attention that such care presents.

Some in-home patients only require personal care such as assistance with dressing, bathing, help to the toilet, grooming, reminders to take their medications, and other required activities of daily living. Homemaking assistance can include light housekeeping, laundry, bed changing, cooking, dishwashing, and even pet care if a loved pet is still in the household. Specialty cleaning and maintenance services can be arranged. Transportation can be given for doctor and other medical and dental appointments as well as grocery shopping with or without the patient coming along.

Other patients require more advanced nursing, dementia or Alzheimer’s care, total medication management, wound care, ventilator management, and other medical assistance.

Your family’s peace of mind is of foremost importance to our dedicated agency. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and to schedule a free assessment. We will thoroughly discuss with you the desired customized in-home care needs. Your loved one will be matched up with a licensed, bonded, insured and dependable professional who will be perfectly suited to the individual situation, deliver world-class personalized care, and make a difference in the life of the family member.

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