Month: May 2015

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Is A Cool Show

This was a long time coming. I had always wanted to post about this show in my blog but I just kept on forgetting. This time, I made sure I got to write about it. So, what is the Ellen DeGeneres Show all about? It talks about anything! The program combines comedy, celebrity, musical guests […]

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Contemporary Tubs With Modern Bathtubs Design

A good looking bathtub can greatly impact how the room where it will be placed in will look like. Just like any other thing, put in something ordinary and it can reverberate the area and make it look ordinary.

There are many contemporary tub with modern bathtubs design that blends in with modern and simplistic style. Ones that captures the blissful pleasure into its bathtub designs.

Body basins and water cradles inspired by the pools found in nature, whose graceful forms and smooth uninterrupted lines sensuously cradle the body.

Freestanding air bathtubs provide a very comfortable place to enjoy some bubble bath solo or with someone else.

While times have changed, these days bathtubs come with innovative technologies and modern functionalities that make bathing experience simply perfect.

So what is the secret? Perhaps understanding form is the secret to bathing bliss. Stunning, contemporary interpretations of natures inspiration ensure baths make an instant impression on the senses.

Timeless style and grace are tempered with innovative technology and smart fashion to create a bathroom range that is superbly made and crafted for utmost pleasure.

I definitely prefer these kind of bathtubs over any ordinary ones. Some may come at a price. But they are worth it.

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Congratulations To Manny Pacquiao Despite Losing In The So Called The Fight Of The Century

boxing_glovesThe fight of the century as they so called it. For me, it was not the fight of the century. Hell, we are still in the early years of the century so it cannot be that. Maybe the fight of the decade.

Regardless, it was the first time I opted to watch a boxing match LIVE. I, like many of Pacquiao’s countrymen wanted him to deal Mayweather his first defeat.

Even though Pacquiao won so many matches that catapulted him to stardom worldwide, boxing did not interest me that much.

I promised myself though that when Mayweather and Pacquiao will fight, that will be the time I will watch it LIVE. I predicted that the fight will happen when Mayweather will be nearing retirement and it did happen.

1 more fight and Mayweather will call it a career.

So the match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather ended the same way, leaving Mayweather undefeated in 48 fights now.

After that, so many people cannot seem to accept that Pacquiao lost. Well, live with it! He lost. As much as I wanted him to defeat Mayweather, I was impressed by Floyd’s durability.

Sure! Boxing fights should be fought in offensive mode but there is no rule about ducking or running around. And it was not as if Floyd just did it in that fight. He had been counter punching ever since so people should stop complaining that Pacquiao lost because Floyd kept hugging and evading him.

People should instead complain to the boxing commission and have them change the rules. It is the same as in basketball. Familiar with hack-a-Shaq? Now it’s hack-a-Jordan (DeAndre Jordan). It is not enjoyable to watch basketball that way but since it is not considered illegal, these kind of tactics get employed for the team to have a chance to win.

In boxing’s case, so what if Floyd’s a counter puncher? So what if he keeps on hugging? So what if he kept on trying to make it look as if he wanted to break Pacquiao’s neck? If it is not considered illegal then there is nothing wrong with it.

I also just learned about Pacquiao’s shoulder injury. It was good that he admitted not to use it as an excuse but the media should stop sensationalizing it because what if Pacquiao won? Then they make up all exaggerations about how he overcame his shoulder injury to win. And if he lost? They use it as an excuse that he lost.

People should just accept that Floyd Mayweather won. Live with it. Quit being in denial. Despite their opposite boxing styles, it was a good boxing match. Not entertaining to watch but still good.

The only problem is that Pacquiao did not win it.

But still, congratulations to Manny Pacquiao. I think it is time for him to hang up his gloves, relax, spend time with his family and enjoy his earnings.

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