Month: April 2015

Safety Tips To Consider When Selecting A Hotel Accommodation

Whether you are traveling for business or adventure, you need to consider your safety as a priority because you can only live once, and you shouldn’t waste time making mistakes. There are several things that can put you in danger and thus you must avoid them. If you want to travel and stay safe during […]

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Ways To Help Comfort Your Sick Child During Their Recovery

Being sick is no one’s idea of fun, and kids have it particularly bad when they’re feeling under the weather. Children, in general, have fairly poor and undeveloped immune systems, so when they’re sick they truly are sick. Unsurprisingly this means they very frequently look to their parents for as much care and support as they can get.

Comforting your sick child is a very good way to help promote recovery, and ensure that your child grows stronger from having suffered from their illness. Comforting sick children is not exactly rocket science, but it can be easy to mistake potentially damaging hearsay for sound pediatric advice. Be smart, be patient, and above all else be perceptive, and you can help your child feel as right as rain again within no time at all.

Step One: Keep Calm, Keep Collected

Your child looks up to you. We don’t just mean that in an admiring sense, either – your child looks to you as a way of knowing how to act in a given situation. When you project certain cues and signals, they will pick up on them and act accordingly. Given how unpleasant and stressful illness can be on their own, make sure you’re especially guarded about how you behave around your kids when they’re sick. The important thing, always, is to remain calm and stay positive.

Think about it, if you act worried then your child will quickly become worried, themselves. After all, if you’re worried, then something must really be wrong — you’re the grown-up. Meanwhile, if you act as though everything’s normal and perfectly fine, your child will at least be reassured by the routine and convinced that, however crummy they may feel in the moment, things will eventually be okay.

Just keep smiling, keep cool and don’t fuss over your child too much. Never act like the sky is falling and don’t coddle your child. Doing so will not make them feel any better.

Don’t Be Too Distant Either

Remember, you’re your child’s anchor. So don’t be unsympathetic to how they feel in an attempt to make things look normal. While you should never make a fuss over your child’s illness, you shouldn’t pretend that they aren’t feeling unwell either. Make sure they receive the comfort and attention they need to maintain a feeling of security. Lay with them in bed and read them a story as they rest or have them lay on the couch in the living room while you work on the day’s chores. Be on hand to fetch them things they want or need as well, most especially fluids.

Let them set the rules about their rest time too. Kids know when they’re tired and when they’re not, so if they seem to want to get up and do things, you shouldn’t necessarily stop them. Keeping them cooped up in bed or on the couch will probably just make them moody as well as ill. Do keep a close eye on them, and if they seem to be tottering on their feet, escort them straight back to get some rest. Of course, there will be times where you just have to be elsewhere in the house. If it helps, give them things to distract themselves with in this time. Put on the TV and let them watch cartoons, or give them a mobile phone and let them play games. The distraction will help the time pass, and take their mind off their discomfort.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Medicine seldom tastes very nice, and naturally your sick child will resent having to take it. To help them medicine go down, try to find ways to make it more bearable. If you can, try to mask the taste with some sugar or fruit juice. You can also work pills or medicines into soft food such as yoghurt or rice pudding, but you must make sure the child eats it all to get the dose.

Keep yourself aware and informed of the locations of your nearest hospitals and pediatric urgent care centers such as those found at As with any other illness, if it does not improve after a few days, seek medical attention.

Christian Mills is a freelance writer and family man who contributes insights into child care and advice on issues affecting the home.

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Pentatonix Concert In Cebu This June 7, 2015


Yeeeehaaaaw! I could not believe at first when I read the news that Pentatonix is coming to Cebu for a concert!

I mean, what the … for real?!?!? My wife was asleep when I had to wake her up and her eyes just opened wide when she read the headline about the concert.

Pentatonix is a very good a cappella singing group and I promised myself beforehand that if they ever plan to hold a concert in Cebu, I will definitely watch it!

Does not matter if I am going to pay for it because I know it will be worth it.

Heck, the last time I paid for a concert was way back in college ha ha! I did watch some concerts after that but they were all freebies. I am not sure if I can get a freebie this time but regardless, if I cannot find one I won’t mind paying for it.

As I said, it will be worth it!

Oh yeah, the concert will be on June 7, 2015 at the Waterfront hotel. Prompting strong ticket sales for their Manila concert, they decided to expand their Pentatonix #‎OnMyWayHomeProject Tour to the Queen City of the South.

See you Pentatonix! Can’t wait!

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