Month: March 2015

The All New Responsive Anything Goes Blog

With Google’s announcement that search results will be greatly affected if blog templates used are not of the responsive type, bloggers are forced to change their blog templates that ensures it is responsive to change layout when the blog gets viewed in a PC, tablet or smartphone. Yes I have mentioned this in my tech […]

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Sie Sind Sehr Gefährlich!

Sie sind gekommen und möchten uns ausrotten! Ich spreche über die Wickbrokes. Sie sind sehr gefährlich und der einige Sache, der sie wollen, ist das Ende des Menschenschlages.

Hounds: The Last Hope ist im April kommendes MMO-RPS Online Games und ein gut gemachtes Werk von Netmarble Games. Es wird im April offiziell an den Start gehen aber unsere geehrte Spieler können vor offizieller Release Hounds versuchen.

Die einige Sache, die du machen sollst, ist die Anmeldung zu geschlossener Beta über diesen Link

Du kannst von den Klassen Assault, Tech, Support oder Specialist wählen, während die Protagonisten School Girl, verschiedene Tier Sets, Inflatable Duck, Cyber Kunoichi, Kabuki, Cyber Ninja, Red Dragon und Andere zu deiner Auswahl stehen.

Warte nicht mehr dafür. Melde zu geschlossener Beta und versuche Hounds: The Last Hope. Diese Welt muss sofor befreit werden und ohne dich können wir das niemals schaffen. Begleite uns Soldat. Du bist untentbehrlich!

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50 Shades Of Grey (2015) Movie Review

I have to admit, I thought this movie was over-hyped because of the dominant/submissive sex style. Sure, I watched it but not in the movies (Yey download!) and after I saw it, I actually liked it and am looking forward to the next two installments of the trilogy.

Sure, the sex scenes were the most talked about part but seriously … the sex scenes were pretty mild. Those TV shows like Spartacus and Game of Thrones? They are/were even WAY MORE explicit.

Dakota Johnson’s role was perfect. Her acting was superb. While shy may not look as very young in person, the makeover did a good job on her plus the way she talked, very good!

This movie is only the first part of the planned trilogy. The sequel will be released in 2017 and surprisingly for me, I already looked up Wikipedia and read the summary on the next two books, curious as to what the next two movies will be about and probably some spoilers to find out about Christian Grey’s past.

This movie could have wrapped up right away. If Grey told Ana his secret past I am sure that Ana would have understood his sometimes misunderstood and moody character. But well, you know how it is when people want to earn more money: they prolong the story just like the case of Divergent.

And who knows, maybe this time I might go watch the next two Shades movies in the theater.

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