What To See In L.A.? Get Travel Insights From Justin Sather.

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Frankly, the very first thing that comes to mind when people talk about Los Angeles is HOLLYWOOD!

However, L.A. is not just about Hollywood. Okay, what then you might ask? How about food trucks?! You might not notice it at first but try to stroll around L.A. often and you will then notice just how many food trucks there are scattered around.

Food trucks are a hot commodity in many states. People love food on the go considering many of us have busy schedules and lives. And the thing is, the food they sell ain’t bad either. Ever wonder why so many people line up in trucks? Simple food, delicious taste.

Look here for Los Angeles Food Reviews from Justin Sather so you would know which food you will make sure to get a bite off. Justin Sather has some articles regarding which good food one can easily find in the L.A. area.

If you stroll around L.A. it would be better if you know someone who can show you the ropes around pretty quick. Time is gold and considering how large L.A. is, you need someone who lives there to show you the best places there are.

It’s not just Hollywood. Ever went to places where celebrities frequent during awards ceremonies? Make sure you go to the Nokia Theater. That is where you can find the Walk of Game nearby.

Or how about going to Staples Center to watch the L.A. Lakers or enjoy baseball watching the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Or, you can look at the justinsather.com blog of Justin Sather and follow his exploits and adventures. His posts contain some good insights on various places he has gone to based on his experiences. Definitely worth checking out!

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