Month: September 2014

Thyroid Disorders: Symptoms And Solutions

The thyroid gland is a small, butterfly-shaped organ located near the larynx. The purpose of the thyroid gland is to regulate the body’s internal thermostat by the release of hormones responsible for controlling how quickly the body uses calories and burns energy. A malfunctioning thyroid gland can lead to many recurring illnesses. Many people, particularly […]

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Why Do Some People Waste Their Lives On Useless Crap Even If Others Sacrifice To Help Them

This is a question I often ponder. Mostly it is the poor who tend to do this. Suddenly they get some money, spend them on worthless things then crawl to whom they can borrow money from because they are broke.

I mean, why?!?! Education is not an excuse. Grownups will already understand that if they are financially poor, saving as much money as they can is important.

Perhaps it could be because they have not enjoyed some of the good things in life that others had? It gets worse if the people involved are still students.

This is my dilemna. Someone I care is greatly affected because her brothers are wasting their lives doing nothing, not obeying their parents and focusing more on their relationships.

They need to understand that they should accept their financial status and be thankful that there are others who are willing to help them like taking care of their school tuition fees.

The problem is, one of them wastes the tuition by not paying them and even cutting classes most of the time. That, in itself will make anybody angry.

Hell, it almost made their mom go nuts. I am glad the mom is okay now and trying to be as calm as possible because she currently has a heart ailment which can be worrying if she will go into a nervous breakdown again.

But who’s to blame? The parents are. They do not discipline them and they are too lax with the boys. They should have disciplined them from the start, prevent them from having relationships and when they say no, it should be no.

Problem is, these boys are persistent and I cannot figure out why they give in eventually. Then when a problem will happen, they come to us. WTF?!?

Perish the thought knowing these boys are still students, how worse do you think they can be once they grow up to be beyond 20 years old with the way they have been behaving.

I for one, have decided that I give up wanting to try to help her brothers. I wasted money for one of them during his chemo treatment and this is what he does in return.

Anybody will get mad if they are in my situation. I work my ass off to earn and save money so I can help others but instead, this is what they do in return.

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A Little Comfort Is A Big Help In A Medical Office

People often spend hours waiting in the doctor’s office. Along with the waiting rooms, the exam rooms, procedure rooms, offices and reception areas need to be user-friendly in order to create a streamlined process to help patients feel comfortable and have confidence in their treatment.

Residential refurbishment, commercial renovations and building upgrades are needed to maintain an attractive environment in which to live, work and visit. Comfortable seating is a good place to start. When people are sick, it’s hard to wait for treatment, but it is much worse to wait in an uncomfortable waiting room. It can even be painful. Armrests, cushions and seat pads all make the wait a little easier. Green plants help freshen the air, and there can be isolated spots for private phone calls.

There should be enough seating so that the space isn’t overcrowded, and there should be a place for coats, umbrellas and hats. Lighting is an important factor to consider when remodeling a medical office. The waiting room needs have a welcoming ambiance, so the lighting shouldn’t be glaring, but patients should have enough light for reading and safety.

Signage is another aspect of medical offices that could use an upgrade. Clear signage will give the patient the knowledge they need about the daily functioning of the office including which doctors are available. A photograph of the doctor would help make it more personal. Signs could give directions and give information about local activities such as cooking classes, yoga classes or group discussions on a variety of health topics.

Communal space may be a welcome addition to a doctor’s office that could help reduce patients’ anxiety while they spend time in a waiting room. It could be in a private area where families can gather to talk about treatments and other sensitive medical problems. Doctors can also meet family members in a more congenial atmosphere than the examination room.

Patients form a first impression when they enter the waiting room. Today, professional interior designers are creating medical offices with a waiting room that is comparable to a hotel lobby. The size depends on several factors such as the number of physicians in the practice and the overall efficiency of the medical staff. A professional architectural and design firm will know the mechanics of patient flow and office efficiency.

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