Birthday Gift Ideas For Grandma

Grandmas: we’ve all had one. We all know what special human beings they are, always fixing the stitching in our clothes if we get holes in them, buying us treats and watching cartoons for the weekend. They make sure we’re always warm, fed and with pennies in our pockets. If your grandma has a birthday coming up, why not give her the same warm-fuzzy feeling she gives you! Check out our favorite birthday gift ideas for Grandma:

Photo Album

If you’re a little low on cash but big on sentimentality, a home-made photo album is a great present that your grandma will love. Ask your parents for some photos that they have with your grandma, maybe even some of her childhood, and use a bunch of the old and a bunch of the new to give her the best photo album ever! If you can manage to chronicle both her life, your mum or dads life, and your own – bonus Grandma points for you!

Pamper Kit

Just because she’s your Grandma doesn’t mean she doesn’t need taking care of too. Head into the Body Shop, or Lush, and stock up on yummy smelly bath and massage treats, the best kind of birthday gift ideas. This woman has raised your parent and helped raise you – she’s most deserving of a break this birthday!

Spa Day

If you want to treat her but are running low on creative juices, hop on Google and look up your local spa. More often than not spas will run package deals and treatments specific to an injury, age, or general health. She’ll be well taken care of and won’t even have to lift a finger. It’s the perfect no mess-no fuss present.

Music Hall

In her day, your Grandma probably spent her weekends swinging around the dance floor at the local music hall. Why not create her very own music hall in her home? So many old vinyl records are being re-released now, you could pick up her old favourites and buy her a brand new turntable to play them on. For advice on choosing an appropriate turntable and associated equipment, check out this article.

Home wares

Seeing as you spent so much time there as a kid, its only right that now you give her home a little back! gift store has a whole bunch of grandma-appropriate birthday gift ideas and knick knacks for around the house. These are especially cool if your grandma has a wicked sense of humor (as many of them do)

Gardening Tools & Vouchers

Many Grandmas delight in spending time in their gardens and seeing all their hard work pay off with fresh vegetables and blooming flowers. Has your grandma had her eyes on some new pruning shears? Perhaps you could get her some heritage tomato seeds, or send her on a course to learn about permaculture. Your local gardening store will be able to help with lots of birthday gift ideas for Grandma, or check out this handy gardeners gift guide.

Grandmas are wonderful creatures –treat yours to something special this birthday with one of these Grandma-approved birthday gift ideas!

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