Month: May 2014

How To Properly Measure Flour

Measuring flour may prove to be difficult if you have to use your eyes only; that’s why measuring tools were invented. Flour may be measured for various reasons like when you want to bake or cook that’s why you have to be exact on the measurement that is needed. It may also be messy trying […]

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Boarders With No Borders

screamingThey are what I call people who rent a room in a boarding house who seemingly act like they own the place. They are the kind of people who knowingly walk through corridors like Godzilla without any care in the world that there are others who might be asleep at that time.

Oh yeah, the floor’s just wood. It ain’t cement so just imagine even small people walk like the Japanese behemoth monster.

They also tend to talk loud in their rooms even during the wee hours of the morning. Some boarders do not have the same working hours hence those who recently get home can annoy those who are still asleep and taking their nightly rest.

They also seemingly are too weak to even turn the door knob when they close the door. A big bang is what usually happens and can be really annoying as well.

Plus, there is the case of not flushing the toilet properly the comfort room becomes a beach. At least that is what I call it whenever the floor’s so wet even the rug cannot handle all the spills on the floor.

They are the boarders with no borders. And to think these people graduated college …

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Review

amazingspiderman2After watching this movie, and in a theater no less, all I can say was “not again”. Most of the scenes with Peter and Gwen were of being cheesy to each other. While it is not supposed to be a bad thing since it is essential to the movie for the both of them being a couple, I think it was just too much.

Movie watchers want fights! It seems every Spiderman movie now goes like this:

  • Spiderman swings
  • A short fight erupts
  • Cheezy moments
  • Introduction to villain(s) backstory
  • More Cheezy moments
  • Finale fight

If there was no Harry Osbourne here, this movie would have been a disaster. His character made it interesting. And Electro? Pfffttt.

Heck, I even thought Rhino would be a good fight against him seeing as how I already was disappointed upon finding out the Rhino suit was like an exo-armor battle suit or something and not seeing any fight scenes against Spiderman at all.

The first Amazing Spiderman was understandable to have some dragging moments since it was the first anyway. But sequels? No …

Captain America: The Winder Soldier had a way better pacing than this one overall.

If you ask me, I felt I did not get my money’s worth on this one. Sure, the fights were okay but overall I was not really satisfied at all.

If not for the Green Goblin, really, this movie would have really sucked. Spiderman VS Green Goblin, while short as the fight was, was the best in that movie.

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